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Catch up on … [2016]

Jame’s have a concert – one friend is a big fan .. end up going – not many familiar tunes are plates but its nice enough.

Nottingham – its further north than i had in mind .. and the work meetings that were in Nottingham in my head were in Mansfied in not my head .. another 20 miles or so up the way .. a place quite light on Hotel and accommodation options

Google Map Nottingham

Discovering Airbnb – a concept that still seems odd to me, where people surrender their home to invading persons – in this case myself, in return for donation .. just like the British preferred to do things – back in the day ..

This is Nottingham – Manfied devoid of options – or rather its Sherwood a particular area within the general Nottingham city area.

Sherwood Nottingham

The EU debate continues .. salient EU Debate

Airbnb places aside the following week – return to Nottingham, via booking.com a traditional accommodation – Hotel .. The Stage Hotel .. which according to the stars of quality rates a respectable 3* …

As we approached the comment was offered that is had something about it, something in its character, a sort of crack den or whore house quality .. inside the improvement was questionable in the communal areas though the room was less.. well it was less .. i did wake with a face skin inflammation that had not been there the evening before .. who can say whether it was a bite or another swiftly occurring blemish .. who can say, but there it was and time for another day of Mansfield meeting.

It was an unconventional interpretation of the 3* conceit

The evening before Liverpool collapses in the UEFA cup final – a second half performance that can clearly be said to number among the worst or biggest collapses seen in finals .. Better nights have been had, in summary.

The EU debate / Tory Civil War … continues ..

Catch up on naught

The conservative parties internal debate and point of schizophrenic break .. The EU .. brought unto the population as a whole to overcome their trauma.

While a legitimate point of debate for a country its swiftly descended into farcical spoutings of the highly  outlandish and absolutest kind… while the public demand facts – but what facts – what guarantees are they seeking ?

Economic facts about what will happen in the future?

Population growth and distribution patterns in the future?

Speed and nature of political agreements in the future?

There are no facts there are only  suppositions, notions, opinions and some well and some poorly grounded predictions.

Still it gives those with racists tendencies to loiter safely in the shadow of those with more practical and a less malignant existence – its become unacceptable to say some people who say not quite borderline racist utterances are racists.. no they are people with genuine and legitimate concerns .. people who suggest Britain’s place in the world has altered this its blood letting days of empire, innovation and bright exploration .. they dont believe in the UK, they are self hating brits – shame be upon them … Yes its a quality debate ..

and when its all well and done many things will have been thrown about and probably everyone on either side will feel cheated, lied to and less debating a fountain of things that weren’t … no one will believe the outcome is the will of the people regardless of what that outcome is ..

Guardian Cartton EU Referendum Labour

Guardian Cartton EU Referendum Tory civil war

Boris..ex Major or London..so unsure which way to go..Leave / Remain..up to the last, NOW converted to lead advocate and devout leaver… Teller of the things about how the EU foists banana controls upon us and diminishes our great light, casting us into their great sinking darkness.

Cameron .. least fit for office PM of UK … so unsure which way to go up until after the phantom renegotiation .. NOW converted to lead remain campaigner and no-er of the country destroying ills that come of leaving.

Then there was a marathon .. none participatory .. wouldn’t even make it the one mile.. not even close

London Mararthon ShardLondon Marathon RunnerLondon MarathonLondon Thames

London Marathon North Bank ThamesThames London London EyeBuckingham Palace London Marathon

British Museum Egyptian Things

Guardian Cartoon - Hunt Destroying NHS
Meanwhile as distractions unfold .. the government continues to cast health care to the private sector.. What profitable gift can be more relied upon to keep on giving more than that of health care provision ..

Fields and River Shire

Not quite the US republican debate ..  at which its still some some small relief to see even right winger of Europe seemly shocked and appalled .. but that doesn’t stop the Government reverting to .. vote for us – the other guy is a muslim & well you know what that means … campaign .. A new low invading a mainsteam political party who ought to take their responsibility more seriously and no better than to attempt such opportunism..

Thankfully it effectively killed of their campaign – London – no place for this sort of thing and guaranteed their own candidates demise.

Cycle To Cambridge … effort

Back in 2011.. as part of a cycle distance judgment exercise i cycled to Cambridge.. i had an intention to go for a cycle in Europe later that year and needed to know exactly how to space out the days, stopping point wise. A couple of weeks ago, after around about a 1.5 years of unplanned tardiness i played my first game of football, it did not go well, worse than i thought it might.  My right thigh had been struggling when ever i ran for a train, it buckled and as i attempted to move about the astro-turf it gave way, over and over it struggled and failed all to often to retain me upright. So before the next game i stretched and squatted, within those free moments that fill a day and a week later i played again.  Rather pleased was i to see that while fatigue and speed remained an issue, already my leg had held up throughout.   It had been Mitch’s advise to attempt these, what with his propensity to run around Marathon circuits in all together inexplicably swift times, he’d seemed like the logical person to query on such matters. The other advise was to cycle… For over a year id been contemplating revisiting the cycle to Cambridge but it wasn’t pleasant back in 2011, it hurt on the mountain bike and i just didn’t really think i could muster it any more.

It was a warm day and the the none main road route was a confusing manglement of country lanes, which when caught out by they’re 2 house village sized direction signs and intersections can lead to places which are anything other than on route.

Cambridge RiverCambridge Punting SummerCambridge Parker's Piece

Any surprise twist in the story arc such that there isn’t – may be lost buy the evidence of photography but i went and made it.  Its not a massive achievement, having done it before and by the simple fact it just isnt so very far… the questions now were, how long to rest up in the park, cycle back or get the train as id offered to myself earlier as an option and how to relax while keeping contact with all the most needed thing id brought with me … phone.. keys.. wallet etc.. while resting up and shielding key parts from hot hot rays from above.

As i’d arrived there had been a lot of people… i rather hoped Harrie wasn’t among them, an old friend who now live up here, but we hadn’t spoken properly for quite some time and running into a person like this well that would be rather awkward.  An effort though small was made not too look around overly, just in case, but there was the water, the punting people, the park dwellers and the touristic slow wonderers.. odds had to be on my side, like a modillo puzzle.. even if people did happen to be in the same area the swarm would act as cover enough … its not the sort of thing you ought to concern yourself with either.

Meanwhile the thunder flies seemed to have become convinced a large and most once in a lifetime butter cup had shown up and they were flocking…. pilgrimaging .. swarming my specially traffic notifying yellow self… Thunder Flies Yellow Top

How i like Cambridge, i knew this, but not being here i forget, since those three years of University when i came to know it well enough. Cambridge, this would be a good choice of places to live, were it not for the commuting time to London… and the prices, the expensive property prices… apparently an unfortunate effect of supply and demand… if only other people were not of the same mind on such matters

The train seemed like opting out, i was hungry, there was little drink left in the rucksack as well… but for some reason id opted out of bringing any sort of lock…i’d looked at it and positively discounted the idea.. and here i was in the known… famously known.. bike theft ca[ital of the world… only a matter of meters away from the only place ive ever witnessed in person what was surely a most brazen theft effort, lockless and need of visiting a shop, or not … was there something on the way back perhaps…. not that i could remember… choices needed to be made…

I could plop the bike along side a bunch of locked up bikes and hope that the masses would disguise its locklessness…or i could place it somewhere in less plain sight and make a rush for it in the shop… i did the latter… the self checkout had gone into error mode almost immediately having detected that someone was attempting to use it for the act of purchasing items, that was the quick in quick out idea scuppered.

After delayed assistance was not given by the shops assistance, but rather by a friendly outsourced security personnel, who thankfully took pity on a sweaty alumnus yellow, person in emergency red faced need for some chocolate biscuits and flavored water.

Glancing round the corner there were wheels… the bike remained


The wind was clearly in my favour on the way here, i hadn’t noticed earlier but now as i headed the other way in hope of mustering a return it was there to greet me .. wind and what seemed like an increased amount of adverse undulations, i set to wondering whether there was some difference in altitude, perhaps cambridge was beneath sea level and had therefore been relatively readily reached due to being blown downhill which was all now set against me as i struggled to return…. focusing on one next train station option town at a time.. roads which dedicate  a focal point of their naming to the word ‘hill’ those are not the types of roads you welcome… and the bike it had forgotten how to change to the uphill gear some years past… i’d not fixed it, didnt know how and had never taken it to someone who did … so that added to the fun.. manual unhooking time had come if this was going to be attempted.

Hill country lane shire uk
Photos do poor justice to gradient and length

Job Relief

Finally having had my last round of meetings and with whatever information I was going to be able to get, gotten I was able to offer my conclusion.

The criteria had been around for ages, they were clear all that I needed to do with see if anything had altered and I found little had.

There is only fear and possibly pragmatism to keep me rather than go for the unknown. There is much to be said for pragmatism, if I were someone else I might well be pointing me at it.
This will be the second time I have had a job floated before me only to turn away, I told myself last time I would play the long game.

I haven’t. My employer has 2 years in it before they look to sell up, I could have stayed for those two years, I probably would have if only they had been able to offer a reason. Instead the only reason & it’s a fair one, was because the alternative is loosing your job like it was last time.

I can see I may regret this – a little anxiety simmers but on the flip side this evening is different, for the first time in ages I don’t feel tired or weighted. For now it’s a relief. I know yet underestimate the pressure of indecision and uncertainty as well as the pressure of unemployment to take that which comes along.