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2016 – Bansko Bulgaria Easter

Rila MonasteryMonastery Bulgaria

Stone Flower Restaruant
Poor Food – But On The Flip Side Terrible Service

You know your onto a classy restaurant when the greeter, in response to queries about opening hours makes comments eluding to Chicki-Chicki.. which it subsequently turned out has something to do with the local prostitution industry.. Probably should have made an effort to move on there and then, didn’t … it was late after a long day of traveling and would only later come to appreciate the delights not immediately apparent from the relatively pleasant look of the place.


Ski Black Run Bansko
Black 9 – A Fun Run

Ski Bulgaria

ski paragliding banskoMountains Bansko

Bansko Skiing Food Sausage

If you set aside the taste, which is not great if you set aside the texture, which is unusually fibrous and chewy – forged on the back a significant contribution of fat and your still left with an incapable pause in the enjoyment of the offering While the outside has been grilled in the familiar style the center remains coloured in the raw style and cold to point that is moderately over the temperature it has when collected from its frozen customer awaiting dwelling


Dog Eating Sausages From Bin
Lunch comes to one beneficiary of the culinary offerings
Chair Lift Bansko
Modernish – Few Queues – Powered By Pure Raw 900cc power, time to apply sun cream and indulge in any pocked snacks

Food offerings and the propensity to attempt to offload various forms of drugs (and such like) – aside.  A fine and enjoyable skiing option.

Very Fine Ski Rental – Inter Sport Bansko

The resort  basically consists of two pistes , four if you divide them at the midpoint.  One down either side of the mountain ending in Black 9 and Red 12.  Its not challenging but neither was it busy (mostly), so these moderate run can be fairly well enjoyed without impediment – and they are fun runs.

The food on the piste is ok – Sausages aside, STICK WITH THE PROPER RESTAURANTS EVEN WHEN BUSY!!!! .

The town is not the nicest, alot of semi built things, with people approaching you whenever you venture out of an evening in a most persistent fashion. So there is either ignoring that, taxis or a hire care.  If i was to go again & its certainly not out of the question for a long weekend, i would have an apartment not a hotel and a hire car for the transfer on hand there after to get about accosted.  I would also be able to cook for myself as aside from the average-decent standards of the Irish harp the rest was a mixture of something you never ordered, cold / tepid (not salads – meat and chips cold)  & chewey .. It really seemed all about the cook yourself as the way forward.