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Way Back When Catchup: Bodrum Turkey and Related Days Out

27Sea Bay BodrumTruck BodrumSea Bay TurkeyPier BodrumSail Boats BodrumSail Boat Bodrum

Night Buses Bodrum

Pamukkale TurkeyPamukkale Turkey Calcium PoolPamukkale TurkeyPamukkale Turkey Calcium Pool

Necropolis - Pamukkale

Necropolis PamukkaleNecropolis PamukkaleNecropolis PamukkaleNecropolis PamukkaleSwimming bath PamukkaleSwimming Pool PamukkaleNecropolis Pamukkale

Boats at Sea BodrumRound Top Hut Turkey

71CastleRound Building Hillside BodrumBodrum Sea PanoramaBodrum Sea BayWindmill BodrumSail Boat BodrumSail Boat at Sea BodrumBodrum Sticky Out Bit at SeaBlue Sea Sail BOat Turkey

Blue Sea BodrumBodrum Blue SeaBodrum PandoramaNight Time Sun Set Bodrum

Bodrum Castle PierBoat Bodrum SeaBodrum Sea Side41Cos Ruin44Cos TowerCos FerryCos FerryContainer Ship Cos


Intermission: Video – Greatest Match Of The Greatest Game

Some Months Before:

The Greatest Final, Of The Greatest Club Competition Of The Greatest Sport:

Liverpool Champions League 2005

The greatest night of my life- bar none – it was just that brilliant .. yep

At half time Man Utd and Arsenal fans surrounding could only find the whole thing most amusing – awash with Glee

As the second half unfolded they were started shouting for Liverpool and by the end they bounced and jumped around with the liverpool fans, picking me up and throwing me aloft in celebration – never seen anything like it

Liverpool 3 Milan 3 Istanbul

Hogshead Pub Viewing Night