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CYCLE SWITZERLAND – Background [2010]

Back in July one of my fiends (Oscar Saks) and I went on a cycle based holiday, or rather a holiday in which cycling was planned to play a predominant part.

So, to start at the beginning.  Oscar and I met just over four years ago, when my colleague and I interviewed a rather quiet, unassuming fellow.  It was an unusual situation, as we both (the interviewers)  were ourselves but mere interns.  There we were, quizzing quite a number of really rather over qualified individuals for the privilege of being our replacements.

We were working at Westminster and that quiet, unassuming fellow, who was also our unanimous choice, was Oscar.  Now that’s a twist, surely no one would see coming, sitting as this paragraph does under the banner ‘Oscar and I – How we met’.

While Oscar joined the office I failed to leave it.  Having been offered a position and with it an option to remain, in the intervening period.  An option I’d taken.

In truth though had they, the prospective new faces (of which Oscar was one), known how things were going to transpire, then they would surely have turned on their heels and marched their way to pastures different.  While had I (the remaining slightly disillusioned not quite old guard), similarly had such future sight (and been in my right mind) then I, well I should have clasped their hands tight, skipped with them, down that yellow brick road, on and out.

In short, it did not go well and yet.  Despite all that came to pass, three years later I counted Oscar among my very good friends.  We’d got to know each other quite well: we’d visited one of our old colleagues back in his home of Sweden, I’d ‘managed’ the five aside football team he’d started and a year ago, along with other friends, we’d all been on what was basically a top ski holiday.  ‘Soll’ – Austria.

So in summary

2006: Recruited Oscar, worked with Oscar, experienced quite poor office times with Oscar, went to the pub with Oscar, watched some football and went to some gigs with Oscar, went to some more pubs, went to Sweden, played football, went to pubs and went skiing in Austria – then 2010 turned up.  All of which, to provide unnecessary clarity, included various assorted others of varying note.


As for Westminster

Then earlier this year (2010) a sort of closing chapter to where it all began.

It came in the form of the ‘expenses scandal’ which had come around at an inconveniently good time for the coming general election. 

There, with the sort of prominence she’d always dearly craved, sat our favourite old MP, smack in the dirt splattered middle of it.

We’d long had cause to doubt her integrity and purity of motive but this somehow still came as a surprise, least it did to me.  Probably shouldn’t have done, having had much of my enthusiasm and belief in politics eroded by what I’d seen during my time in that office.  It did though and for all the damage this scandal wrought on the party, the party that we supported and had worked for, none the less it had the definitive sense of justice being rightly served.

CYCLE SWITZERLAND – Planning [2010]

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