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Whats On The Other Pages?

Sometimes when the time allows and normally when someone can be found of similar mind and inclination, its nice to get away from familiarity.   In the other, more abundant times, the relatively ritualised world of familiar surrounds and habits extends itself out.

This is the disorderly, apparently sporadic, combination of both of the above.

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Both types of passing time have quite a bit in common.. Also for a person of limited memory hindered by an arguably weaker attention to what happens beneath the feat, it can be worth while to keep some sort of record of the passing time and the things that occurred while there in.

Photos like smells have a way of resurfacing thoughts  a little lost to the haze, smells though don’t come with a device to capture them or a device to resurface them on demand.  If we were more Canine is out evolutionary path perhaps then, as it is and this is by no measure a complaint we do have cameras and photographs, the surrogate for what might otherwise be a memory.

Every day life doesn’t warrant to many photos, not so precious or in need of memory refreshments on things that come to pass as means to pay for trips to Tesco, Lidl and other such locals.  Thoughts though on the topical news and problems of the day, those occasionally arise, gnocchi thoughts bobbing of their own volition to the surface.

So then, in a manner that i know all to well will not support SEO – it a site about stuff .. generally travel stuff and sometimes political/social things.

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