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Cold morning traction free lane

Slip and slide

Not quite free, car didn’t float free upon the Tarmac but it did wonder and seek to strike out on little adventures on unusually numerous occasions. A nuance that seemed to do the title few favours.

That was though yesterday – today is only moderately warmer but having gotten a lift personally at least I encounters no such issues.

The sun is sort of up, daylight now seems to be back to greet the morning departures, no more midnight darkness to begin the day. Feelings that this really isn’t any time at all to be consciously operating myself & work bound can at least be said to be a less & less legitimate where they persist.

Yesterday I had a meeting .. Well I interjected a meeting only to find myself defending an 11% downturn in performance target that wasn’t. At the time I didn’t realise it wasn’t, having only the day before submitted the numbers I quite errantly assumed that this must have been a thing.. A real thing, a thing in the numbers – I dos remember a downturn at the beginning of the year. It was on the graph, I remembered my graph but it hadn’t looked like 11%, it had barely been visible to passing glance … Still I stuck to the line that if this was the trend then it would not immediately be u-turned about and held fast, a generic line that has a sort of generic truth about it.

When this flurry of activity was over, I went away and looked at the numbers, what if any ways were there to improve the clearly Ill received 11%? –
– There was no 11%
I looked at it some more – nope no sign of it.. So having circulated the numbers yesterday, what then became clear is that someone had seen their way clear to reconstituted the numbers into another form and in so doing applied a change which had come up, inadvertently and incorrectly with quite different numbers .. Handy – This then was not the trend, I could instead hold fast to quite a different trend and perhaps with a visit to the pub come to consider that this discussion on non-existing matters never was either.

On the plus side the solution to the problem being discussed was happily available without really changing anything .. I could head home safe in the knowledge that the ravid assumption underpinned targets were fine as they were and would of course all but certainly predict… Ney determine with exacting certainty .. how the world would play out in 2015 – the power that is excel.

The taxi rank at king cross station since its recent refurbish and rebuild has the form of a mini platform, taxis pull in and in chain form roll through picking up their fate and rolling out the other end. It’s not a revolutionary concepts and one available to interested parties at any number of bus stations throughout the land. Most mornings it operates unmanned, not though today – today a purple vested network rail man is busy at work, Walkie talkie in hand be flailed meaningfully at the cabs in much the way porters do outside the receptions of their hotels as the summon cabs for departing guests.. A movement somewhere between pointing out the taxi to the punter and pointing out the need to stop for the fare to the taxi ..
If the taxis were all here lined up in slow shuffle formation unaware of why, ignoring the fares who we’re trying desperately to wrench their way in, feat planted against the cabs sides, tearing upon fastly locked doors of unaware cabs – then the purple vested man was performing a fine service. If the cabs on the other hand were passing past queues of 5 all dumbfounded and perplexed by what action came next, an undiminished queue, while enraged cabbie after enraged cabbie tore with empty load away from the scene, then again the purple vested man was saving many from an unnecessarily poor start to the day.
But why today – had this been the scene on recent mornings? Is that why he was now here? Would he now be here to guard against such events going forward?

If so what did that say about the world and was he really the solution that the participants in this particular dance needed or was their plight not a call for something more?

Perhaps tomorrow the purple vest Man will be recalled – dispatched to take alternative remedial action in some other sphere of network rails world – either that or he’s just some helpful random who pilfered a vest and has been down toys r us to pick up one of their fine lines in none military grade communication devices – it’s good to have a hobby.

London at pancras peaks over roof tops
St Pancras peaks over roof tops

London - St Pauls Night Millennium Bridge

London Thames Night Shard