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General election: 2015

There is at key election times, it seems an unhealthy bias among much of the media. The bias isn’t purely one way or the other but it’s present.

The scrutiny applied to the chancer currently inadvertently to be found residing in number 10 is almost entirely absent. It could be perhaps that a man unable to win the last election with every fair wind in his favour is a man for whom expectation are so low as to not warrant undue highlighting.

As a person hoping he will reside their no longer come the election this is rather frustrating. Opposition parties ought not need to resort to negative campaigning in circumstances such as these. A PM who hired and stuck by a man subsequently imprisoned as his top adviser, a man who has overseen collusion with big business, further expenses scandals and who has demonstrated such a profound lack of credibility and judgement that the media seen to be adverse to mentioning it.  The Conservatives are doing nothing wrong because this is what they are and they never apologise for it, so they cant be guilty.  This though may be a bias perspective.

More generally, the problem though lies in the other parties and the profoundly uninspiring offering they too hold up. In all my life I have never witnessed an election where the electorate seems largely to take the view, which one is the least bad option. It’s not inspiring stuff.

Yet as with the banking crisis it is the electorate who did much to create this situation and who will deny all (not even recognise) accountability. It is their right but how is it to improve when recognition of the underlying issues is so scarce.

People don’t want politicians to admit they don’t know – for example.. the media shock at such an answer .. and yet for most people that I know, there are things which they don’t immediately know and other things that even after much thoughtful musing remain unclear.

The public want to have high levels of public service but a tax regime that impacts not on their personal incomes along with debt control. They want resolution of the property market issues but retain an expectation to each and all own property.
In short they desire different outcomes but are resolutely disinclined to change behaviours, disposing of all personal responsibility onto a government that can only truly alter anything progressive meaningful or long lasting, through the collective will (actions and support) of the people.

That said people have also seemed in need of something into which they can invest their belief and at this time we have politicians more inclined to follow the public whim rather that to harness and seek to lead it toward something. It’s not wholly new for sure but the extent, the level, even party members struggle to support their leaders.

The cheap seats are always so enticing, immediate self interest & disowning responsibility – blaming others: immigrants, bankers, politicians, unions … Most of whom medley fulfill the circumstances imposed upon them, as most people find themselves doing.

While we could do with a better public to drive out better politicians it seems more likely that the numbers may through out a better politician, one who is handily much more than purely a reflection of what we deserve.
Veering about with tax cuts that ruined education, health & transport followed by the need for hasty and rushed repairs, with the wastage and debts that gifts us.
You probably can have something links the country the majority want but it takes many parliamentary terms to achieve it, more than a democratically elected leader will likely see out. We can mph wait for an Attlee to materialise once more to lead us, in his time the people fuelled by the injustices of that time laid large before then by unforgiving wars, now starved of local tragedy we have to want it for others and perhaps for ourselves & that seems far harder.

It is incumbent upon us all to pick a destination it is not matter for outsourcing.. And with that the hypocritical cheery is laid upon the cake.

Poltical Leaders Miliband Clegg Cameron Cartoon

– unless of course you believe in personal interest, survival of the fittest – independence not interdependence in which case let’s have one of those too. A real one, the cheap seats have just as much right to representation.

And once more with added bias:

Cameron NHS Cartoon

Tatcher Miner Burial Cartoon

Toad of Toad Hall UKIP Cameron Cartoon

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Hunt NHS Fool

Cameron T-Shirt Selection

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