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2018 – NHS & Working.. A Solution

Social Media Is Filled With People .. Many People Are Thinkers And In Their Thinking and Their Reasoning They Come Up With Inspired Moments That Can Change The World Forever.

First You Learn From The Amish and You Draw A Specific Line In Time .. Before The Line Is The Before Time and After The Line Is The English Time.  None Of That Is Correct, Safe To Say However That The Wheel Is A Technology That Is Acceptable While The “L’EQUIP 215 XL JUICER” Less So For Them.
At Some Point There Was A Time When Discoveries Were Ok and A Time After Which New Discoveries Were To Be Roundly And Actively Disdained Against.

All Of Which Lacks Relevance Other Than To Show The Acceptable History Of Choosing Arbitrary Moments In Time And Predicating A Fair Bit Of A Premise Upon That Choice.

Enter Mr M Cooper Internet Thinker – From Wolverhampton

Who Has, A Little Fortuitously Opted To Draw His Line For Before And After, Sometime After The UK Was  Done Retrieving/Re-homeing Assets From Fortunate Colonies, In Return For Them Being Allowed To Play Host To The Union Flag For A Bit.

But Why… Surely He Is Missing A Trick – The UK Famously Singled Handily Rescued The World In Past Times As Well.. There Was W.W.I.. And That Time We Saw Of An Asteroid By Sending Ben Affleck Into Space.

Imagine All The Outstanding Debts.. Well I Couldn’t.. So Better To Write Them Down:


I have a few gaps in my calculations – missing events and some challenges establishing the exact values … all of which could add substantially to the total .. but it looks like we (the UK populous) are each owed in excess of £840,000.. im also thinking we should all forgo an NHS magic brexit contribution of around 0.54% – which will get us what that nice red bus promised for the next 100 years.. but if we can fill in the gaps im thinking we could well be in excess of 1.5 million each…

We Really Are Going To Have The Best Health Care In The World and We Can Chill .. Mr M Cooper – Internet Thinker – Of Wolverhampton .. He Showed Us And Now We See.

Greenpeace Re-brands Boris Johnson's Brexit Battlebus

What was the Thunderbird charge card for saving the world?


Quote [77] – Historic Action: Government – Housing & Health Policy

  “Our powers to deal with the housing situation were limited and there was not much space for buildings, but we did what we could.  It was, however, possible for us to get existing houses repaired.  We appointed a number of extra sanitary inspectors, made a complete survey of the borough, served over 40,000 legal notices on house-owners to repair their property and we saw that they were enforced.

In another field great progress was made.  Infant mortality had long been high.  We instituted health visitors, ante-natal clinics, etc. and brought the death rate down to be one of the lowest in London.

State: Housing & Health policy As It Happened – C R Attlee

Reflecting on 2014 a bit more …

What happened in 2014?

  • there was the rise of ukip… The party for those who aren’t racist, having as they did once met the black man or perhaps even once having had a friend who was from across the seas .. So how could they be, for as the bnp before them they could roll out actual representatives from the very groups that they had so diligently and scientifically identifies as being the causal effect of so many of our societies ills.

Take the Romanians … No I mean take the Romanians … Comedy gold – 1970s anyone

They are patently to blame for congestion on our roads, coming over here and discovering automobiles … Very exciting for them … Bouncing around our pothole adorned streets, all fuelled up on benefits and at the same time traveling around like a plague of littleest hobbos doing jobs for less than any respecting Englishman could afford to .. Simultaneously also causing the unemployment and the rise in benefits costs … They’re Wiley these Romanians that spend their days just snaring up our precious m25.

Congestion that has absolutely nothing to do with the large number of lorries migrating all about during peak hours, the delapidated, over priced, unreliable rail network that just about works if your willing to go the direction it wants to take you & has so wisely not been invested in as a primary mover of freight like those fools from across the waters … Romanians .. What are you going to do … Vote ukip – don’t be racist just be a little bit simple & they’ll make everything ok .. Just like in the old days

An unspecified – hither to undiscovered historic land and time where all the good things happened – and why not.

It’s good to see that a rightfully disenfranchised electorate has learnt the lessons of history by reaching for hope in an empty vessels of mean spirited blame & division..

I’m bias and am proving this by embarking on a plane to take me back to the land of my forefathers tonight – for chrismas – Switzerland –  so rarely blamed for coming over here will ill deeds in toe the Swiss & yet here I am generation later weeving myself into polite society and worse still driving my car on those congested roads.. Out of pure spite – I feel the shame but I enjoy it too much to stop

What else …

Our ever purple and ever shinny (cause this really raises up the quality of political debate) prime minister .. The almost royal, private school man of the people and defender of the NHS committee to further defending the health service through privatising or rather franchising out fair old chunks of it … The best form of defence is attack & a scuttled boat surely can not be taken by the enemy.

Then on the other side the spurious argument that you shouldn’t make money out if health … Nope you should not, it is other peoples most grievous misfortune and it is morally repugnant to seek profit from it … Totally but for who

  • for individuals like doctors or nurses selling their time

  • for pharmaceutical companies investing in new drugs and treatments while finding new and important ways to extend the patents on the old ones

  • cleaning / logistics companies

  • buildings providers

  • dentists / opticians

  • private hospitals and GPs practises

the problem with this is that it’s always been part privatised anyway – people have always I been making money from it – even if doing so wasn’t primary or even secondary in their motivations … This isn’t proof that further franchising off is fine … That it’s right .. It’s proof only that it’s not an absolutist discussion – the shades of grey matter, what society do we want – what kind of health care system we have, the details matter the choices – they define the world we will find ourselves living in & we’ve handed the keys to a purple man & his Etonian men of the people to decide for us … Because they represent the will of the people .. & against him we select another man of wealth with experience gained in that wide eyed alternative field of, investment banking – home of morality, last refuge from the establishment and well evidenced as the moral church of rectitude .. We do make such fine choices for ourselves and future generations .. As my train rolls into kings cross it almost makes me want to hoist the flag and sing … Sing … Sing

I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay – I work all night and I sleep all day …

But now at its end the corner is surely turned – for their has been a chuntering in the dark resesses of the internet – where a tree may fall an no one does hear it – the virtual equivalent of a mental having a fraught & animated conversation in a long since disconnected phone booth – oh yes that’s seen to it – 2015 shall be that new heralded dawn …