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Catching Up – 2017 Pictures

With a two + months absence in the Schedule – a trip back to Zurich was over due.  A warm spring visit and youth team football tournament greeted as a thing to do.  In the UK this would come with a fee, almost certainly.  Here you just wonder up and look for a spot to watch the games.


Away from football – the loan of a car and a trip across the border to Germany:18879972_10158816928595010_2444533563466090957_o18815283_10158816929080010_8888163667902207373_o18836735_10158816928015010_1588877515687220811_o


Back in Switzerland:

Proper warm weather continues


Leadership hustings and being away

In Germany’s Black Forest for my grandfathers 90th.

Am having issues with moving about for two reasons all of which relate to one event – Tuesday football astro turf..
It did not go well-we lost and I was confronted with something I knew but has cast a kindly eye over… 14 months since last game and even longer since any concerted activity occurred.. It’s been longer since I mustered the capacity to run.

In short we lost and I barley mustered the ability to overcome gravity let alone the opposition an outcome wholly rational but worse than I’d falsely allowed myself to envisage.

As a result I was immobile and throwing myself at things in desperation, this meant sliding and sliding on astro means a certain kind of inideal skin friction/burn, so my right leg now has as adhesive link to my trousers.
Other than that all other parts of my person that showed no immediate negative response to being asked to remain unideally stationary have now opted to seize up (or confess ill found discomfort at movements) most belatedly.

My 90 year old grandfather whose birthday I’m in Germany to celebrate cuts a far more nimble figure than I.
Good for him perhaps and yes but beyond that surley an opportunity if ever there were one.

Lake Black Forest Titisee Black Forst Titisee Germany Black Forest Black Forest House Chalet Titsee Black Forst Shore Black Forest Titsee Black Forst Town Black Forest Germany Zurich Limmat City TV Greek Crisis

Right now a kick about has been arranged for Monday and a recovery time of 5 days is looking precarious let alone the knowledge of what’s to greet me out there on the turf.

It’s cold the water in the black forest lake where we’re staying, motivated by incontrovertible proof, at least and I hope not, in the immediate term, I’d made the effort to partake in some minimal swimming – it was so not warm.

Meanwhile the topic of trident and nuclear weapons went and popped up at the Labour Party leadership candidate hustings had remained in some guise within the subsequent thoughts.
Regardless of your view the answers coming back seemed largely designed to appear like real leadership candidates and in no way deal with the query – reflecting back on this retrospectively it became odder that we should be deemed to be looking for irrationality or dishonesty in our leaders because one or the other was all but certainly at play.
Military spokespeople have often enough distanced themselves from trident for us to know by now it’s a political tool not a military one. Talk of an unstable world while true seems a given, while specific mention of religion utilising extremist groups in this context is little short of ridiculous. As if any military leaders are wondering into the MoD with s plan for dealing with these groups by dispatching the irradiating all incinerating solution of an atomic bomb.
Perhaps it has a relationship to some international obligations or to our presence on some important international groups but then, just say so.

What adds to the mix is that not one of them would ever make the argument that domestic weapon inflation is any way to make anyone more secure. The idea of giving guns to our police to protect against knives, then bigger guns to protect against smaller guns is an argument that was lost to all who believe in the rule of law, some time ago.
Within an international society then how does it serve a long term security interest to have ownership of things such as these, tethered like a golden key to exclusive international clubs, building a political rational for others to pursue them.. Investing in mutually assured distraction in the name of safety, whatever the short term nuisance ultimate surely that’s a nonsense, but it is the position of the responsible statesman. To profess a moral principled position to pursue s belief is not befitting of a countries CEO, yet there ought surely to be more to public leadership than the short term pragmatism that is sought in the pursuit of profit within private enterprise.

Itv decided to followup the uneventful but quietly interesting hustings with an all but entirely fictitious story about audience backlashes and candidate booing. There had been so little ranker between anyone present that it seemed they had opted to invent the narrative. This was a surprise as I somewhat naively had held the view that by and large media coverage was factual if perhaps bias rather than founded upon the need to regale and entertain the readership with fanciful works of fiction. The place had been full of TV cameras so I looked for the supporting footage of what I’d missed, it was understandably absent.
No dragons were harmed in the making of this leadership hustings.

Right about now – back in the Black Forest everyone’s wondered off the few meters back into the town to circulate amongst the shops. Half asleep lazy and never shop inclined I stayed behind in a bemused state with half an eye to spending the last hour back by the lakeside, I even left the hotel momentarily before heading back for those ‘just in case’ swimming trunks and towel. Though on leaving I was distracted one more time by the idea of the pool, there’s one here somewhere, there are signs to it…. Surely with less hostile temperatures to contend with and as yet not even visited .. So it was to there I go, and on the patio outside it that I now mooch about – life should be spent in the pursuit of activities and then resting from the effort of those activities.

I have done no activities beside mildly over indulging in breakfast time and it would appear am most eager to rest up after it.

I am here though for the pool… Remember the pool … Oh the effort, the sun is out and the lieing down so restful like – wondrous mooching and it’s easy sink hole ways .. Of your arse boy … You can do it

Two swiss guards at the vatican

The smell of the hospital – detergent bleach and sanitiser, the overly warm and stagnant air, not a fan. And that’s not to mention the assorted failing conditions of the inhabitants. It selfishly doesn’t suit me to be confronted with such things.

An inaccurate subject for an entry – something to do with Have I Got New For You, commentary at the delayed publishing time

The attendants seem to think my grandfather like their residents and repeat things at him slowly with volume, he doesn’t seem to take offense. Saying that’s it fine for him to go sit about in this place, he’d just have to take to shaking a bit and the reasoners would readily mistake him for one of them.

The question often asked is what is keeping my grandmother alive, the dementia completed its victory in the last couple of years after about a decade. Between that and whatever cocktail of meds she’s on for the Parkinson, dementia assortment of conditions, there not really any sign of what sort of amounts to a person. Though occasionally out of the nothing she will offer a response, mostly just a yes, to something she might just have overheard. It need not make sense but it does beg the wonder who or how remains trapped in there.

In the canteen some chap is playing a version of a squeeze organ, I think it must be a simplified type for every time he restarts it’s only to unleash a rather familiar selection of notes in an equally familiar sequence and tempo. Something about hilly countries and their musical proclivities.

Yesterday ended up watching Berlin bank holiday festivities, TV offering – not wholly by choice – can only conclude 99 red balloons in its original form is unquestionably the stand out German language contribution to ‘contemporary’ music, as well as the only one to be set to the none conferment singular background beat & they’ve turned up in their masses … A great economy and manufacturing industries .. Guess it had to be off set by something, for gods sake take their 80s electrical organs / any potentially remotely ‘music’ emitting instruments away …

I made the customary aubergine bake before leaving, slowly it’s becoming close to a traditional part of such break. More chill escaped the pot than was intended, as I sought to compensate for the jumbo tomato tin. Not a problem for me but I have memories of my grandfather mentioning previous versions were hot and how he liked it hot. They were not so very hot but this is a relative matter of taste and the fact it had been noted was more suggestive that it was sub optimally hot and was in fact not liking it quite so much as moderately struggling with it.
Too late, it did have a spiced taste to it, perhaps the cheese on melting might moderate it, who knew what the right amount of hot was.

Returning back to the oven mid-cooking, when attention was not being paid, the fridge was light on milk it transpired, so I added some single cream to the top and pocked at it, so that the white puddles submerged.

Further covert amends would not be possible, we’d been into town for a replacement DVD player so lunch was already later than usual and pooh bears stomach had not seen this go unnoticed. The oven spent the last 29 minutes of its cut short cooking time being stared out, while I was left to simply how for the best.

The traditional behaviours of men folk are bizarre, it’s a conclusion I find equally but differently true for other social segments. My grandfather describes times his brother, giving him a lift decided that a tram stop somewhere close to the route home would quite suffice. It’s practically true but where was the need, traffic is a minimal issue, the other persons in your car, it just seems all together unnecessary. Yet it’s not an unusual behaviour, I’ve never noticed it so much among my friends but only one generation back and it’s prevalent enough. Social autism on a bizarrely and peculiar scale. I have my own share of this I’m sure enough but can’t quite fathom what all this is about. While so many others are infinity interesting in offering contributions but take little in the way of direction or information from inbound information or even retorts. Sometimes it’s like they could do just as well engaging with a wall in an echoey environment. This last bit of the behaviour is more than alive and kicking, I think it’s catching. As I observe myself I find like quicksand I’m being drawn with time into such ways, it’s not ideal, so much more can be gleaned from listening than from offering. Something to watch. Something to attempt to work on, poor habits have a slide like quantity.

Having been watching house during quieter spots devoid of the no longer working football manage I have started to ponder on some similarities. I’ve had to consider what a team that I would assemble might look like, interesting mix of intellect, deceit and manipulation may be beyond my means but I seem to have very much gone for House inspired team shape.

One or two person to be practical and attached to realities of the day, one to push at the more interesting and challenge and at least on of these to also be accustomed and able to mitigate for my apparently difficult to follow communication and people engagement styles. A challenger, a pragmatist and humaniser, but when all said and done the statement I unwittingly offered on this covers it, people to argue with me. People whose contribution will optimise my own input, I wonder if such a self orientated strategy is quite right, I would in that scenario be a fixed variable but nothing is ever quite so one dimensional.

There is one person at work who we ought to try to retain in my view but I can’t come up with a way, their role will no longer be and that’s a pretty hard fact, there are others but the team will be small. Attitude, willing and approach are so key it would be a shame to loose someone who has these. Not seeing an option, for now I send emails congratulating the team on the unexpected turn around and buying post holiday my chocolates, any such thanks or well doing is infinitely premature but should this be kept up, then there won’t be people to offer such thoughts to come a more rational time frame. I am being to nice on things, to quick to pat backs and too peaceable about shortcomings, but objectively the time for such adjustments has gone, why not try to be pleasant, i can honestly say I sad see little to be served by by being otherwise, I may still fail.

It’s time to head home. They are boarding the plane and the inexplicable and inexplicably irritating sight of people queuing and not always politely to be allowed to join the queue on the finger dock to board a plane upon which their departure time and seat are long since predetermined. What is wrong with all these people, I’ve stood in that finger dock queue inadvertently many times, it’s just not that amazing.

If I had to sit on a baggage rack without a reserved seat the short duration of such flight would make this perfectly acceptable and little more of an endurance than the delights of train commuting on s poor day, but that just not going to happen. They irritate these people with their behaviour founded on no discernible rational, they shouldn’t, they are quite entitled but they do, they really really do.

House Season 7 Team

May and looking back at April – work

The first of may 2015
The weather is properly Mingin in Switzerland a description my phone disagrees with. It a bank holiday here and nothing much is about to happen at all, the TV has been switched from orchestral musical offering to a Phil Collins / genesis offering from yester/yesteryear if the wall of organs and superabundance of hair is anything to go by.

The updates have been coming out of London, performance numbers for the month of April, now that it is done.
At this moment I’m not sure what to make of them, 5% above target and a big day yesterday, on a Thursday, why? It seems like an improbable sprint to the line where a staggering across personal best close to the target was all that we had reason to expect.

Never been much for the daily trading numbers, still not really, they can drive poor short termist thinking that tempt poor quality thinking. Two good month and an upward trajectory is needed though, to keep belief and push on, doubt would not be helpful right now.  Like the manager of a football team on the brink of relegation whose team start winning games after only a few tweaks, wondering on how phantom such turn around are, do mix with disbelief to dampen celebrations.

Plus in the real world more important matters draw close – more destruction of the instruments of civilisation with the conservatives vs the better side of people… The devil vs the angel on the shoulder … As a extreme … A week away

I was looking forward to this mini break and catching up on sleep, so far that’s worked out rather, with little of the morning being encountered by conscious thoughts. It may be a bit of a waste of valuable holiday but it’s not  utterly without its merit.

We’re on the 10th floor, a duck chose a close proximity fly past, from the distance I could see it coming then zip past the large window, it was really travelling at quite the surprising pace.

Another actually today – Zurich and Work brought together by the mobile phone

Grandfather was on his way to having a lasagne for lunch when I woke up on my first day away.

As a present to myself I had gone without an alarm and local time it was already 11. The lasagne was a packaged thing, frozen ready meal and it was in the oven. I settled in for some tea and a bit of bread. When the lasagne emerged it hot, as you would hope, so was its plastic container which had clearly began the process of melting.  Grandfather seemed ok with this, taking it as a sign it must be properly hot, while I asked if if wasn’t perhaps intended for a microwave and wondered how much flavour had sweated out of the plastic and into the target meat, cheese & pasta offering.

Meanwhile – For the first time in what comes close to forever the website is up on last year and for the first time in potentially even longer than forever it was chasing down its target. It’s was close yesterday, with two days to go but neither of those two days were weekend days so odds were very much against hitting the target, still, to be so close. This morning while sleeping, I received a text about yesterday’s figures, I don’t really know what that means. No memory and no particular natural inclination toward daily trading numbers, make it hard to turn that into a useful update.   I think the numbers are ok not good not bad, not quite what was needed but I really don’t know, probably should. Part of me likes to think that this turn around although to late will hold, part of me likes to think because it happened on my watch i can be pleased with myself & honestly part of me is.. But really lets look at the facts if it hadn’t turned around I’d probably just have considered the issues too widespread, too deep engrained and intractable.. So if you don’t take the blame you can’t legitimately claim the almost victory. What victory this may be, could well whither back into phantom nothingness in May because (and this is the main point) nothing so hugely revolutionary has changed. Just tweaks, pressures and nudges. It might well be two month of long absent good fortune which like a sunny day will once more cloud over. Still for now and for almost the first time in the year I’ve been there, there is a localised sense of hope. So as I sit on the balcony in Zurich, a little washed out and beleaguered from the effort of it all, realising how ridiculous that sounds but feeling it so none the less. I think to not think on it too much, switch it of, receive no emails and just try to dial up the gold music in my head.. Ultimately it matters not the fate of the site is sealed, all that rests on this is a line on my LinkedIn account and how my 4 month tenure here will read, it is in that way of no real consequence, despite this I should prefer the better times to persist, the probably unnecessary voice of ego and its emotive and illogical demands.

Actually today – Gatwick

I was going to try to keep notes of this year, only work prohibits and distracts me, while what focus on sic efforts there is falls upon the slow recollections of nine current holidays and books.

My efforts then, have been short lived. Not though entirely forgotten.

Zurich. It’s been a fun journey, where I left work with ample time, arriving still earlier than expected in Victoria, a healthy buffer about me.
The intended train as selected from the handy thetrainline site – cancelled, this ought to have run an alarm bell, it didn’t. Instead I was pleased to find a Gatwick express was due to depart in short order and shuffled of in pursuit of that.

The atwick express did not depart on schedule and as I sat it was rather notably on the full side. It had been de-expressed the announcement told us, assuring that the departure would come any time now. Today it would be stopping on its route.
Leaving Victoria it was soon evident that going was going to be more of an issue than a couple of additional unscheduled stops. Carefully, reticently it edged it’s way through South London, like a snake taking m desperate care to go unnoticed in the urban undergrowth.

Gatwick was not getting noticeably closer. I had my buffer mind and bugger all choice other than to sit their and hope good things would come to pass.
I was quite glad I had not cut things more fine, though I did start to ponder on the gate close time rather than the takeoff time, that couldn’t be any hour away by now.

Gatwick did happen and in slightly healthier time m thanks to a final stint flurry of speed… Followed by a stop … & a wait – that had been missed..

The platform was over full, scarcely enough for the arrived to arrive and get past the deportees who were struggling to make their way through the arrives to depart. Relaxing stuff, still I was satisfied the timings were looking better than those times not so long ago studying the flora and fauna of South London rail accompaniment.

Also the station came directly into the terminal (South) that I was leaving from so that was handy.
Departures were plugged, herds of gated people types all hopeful of bursting the dam and finding their way through to security and onward.

15 minutes to the gate closes and I’ve scanned my boarding card – some system somewhere might actually know I’m here and would find an outcome which saw me boarding the plane as preferable.. That or a night with a liberated piece of inventory from the not duty free, or perhaps two, a giant toblerone might not be the finest chocolate but i could see it making a reasonable accompaniment to one of their middle of the road whiskeys, when holidaying at Gatwick one must, after all, keep a mind to budgetary considerations.

Not everyone was obeying the queuing etiquette, the notion that’s it’s some sort of UK rest of the world divide is not true, from my experience the orderly queuing and polite order have if anything been on the up among our neighbours while they have dissolved, if ever they were, at home.

Predicting when if get through here was not easy and id debated approaching a member of staff on a couple of occasions but had always been on the ‘it could work itself out’ side of chance.

It’s odd somehow, if I missed my flight it would not be funny but as I stood there now it remained an abstract concept, things could yet be left to play out, so I waited, neither relaxed nor perturbed in the way that was possibly due.

It was the time when the gate was due to close and I was finally headed out of the security check, not inconvenienced by any additional inspectional examinations or inquiries.

The TVs had moved the closing time on by 10mins and I pondered upon an sandwich, 5 or so of the 10 were not past and who knew how many fellow Zurich bound people were stuck behind me in all the kaffuffle… Still inherent obedience kicked in and I plodded on though the retail hit where food could have been had toward the gates. I’d made it, it had worked out, good-ho.

Things to do in Zurich & If Switzerland did

If Switzerland did right wing isolationist parties they’d probably be the best backward looking, nostalgic fictionalising outsider fearing, political groups in the world

Sadly they almost certainly do
Unfortunately they have taken the ukip naming convention as a guide and named themselves CHIp – there should be chips party and by stereotypical rights it should maybe be in my other ancestral home of Glasgow but no need to be overly demanding.

There isn’t vast amounts happening for me right now in Zurich but come a time of finer weather the opportunities improve.
Lake Zurich is 30km long, it is not wide and a round trip probably means a cycle trip of about 65km or so.
Cycles can be picked up for hire for free with a deposit and an ID throughout the spring and summer from assorted locations, though they do run out of supplies at times.

At the other end is the old looking and much smaller town of Rapperswil. For those not so cycle inclined it connected by train but more interestingly by boat.
The boats use the same tickets as trams, buses and trains.
Admittedly this rather stretches Zurich but still .. On the south side of lake Zurich is alpamare a swimming leisure complex with agencies pool, slides, more slides, outdoor wild river rapids pool, sulphur pool and heated under water music pools and that’s going back the many years since last I got there – it’s a lot better than i make it sound and I’m sure it will only have gotten better, for the young or young of spirit. Maybe not for the older – regardless of inner age but that may be untrue.

Here abouts there is also a youth hostel and up in the hills is hoch ybrig – a little skiing area well within the limited commute circumstance of Zurich, where I learnt to ski, such as k have as a small person and worth a weekends visit.

In summer there are many places to stop off and swim in the lake. Some sun, ice cream and a cool off in the lake, I don’t do it justice.

Returning Zurich itself the Limmat river and its canals offer swimming with currents to overrating locals & random visitors alike.
Overlooking Zurich is Üetliberg, a hill that sometimes gets a white cap in winter and on a good winters day can be sledged down and trained back up – it’s a decent old run down.
In the summer you have the views all around and off Zurich from up there and some wondering around in hilly woodland opportunities.
There are also cycle path and a bmx off road track for adventurous cyclists to head down.

For people with little regard for interesting activities there are the extensive array of high priced brand shops in the city center along with some other genuine shops selling relatively normal stuff at swiss – oh my go is that the exchange rate – prices.

On the north side of the Limmat river in the town centre is the old town area – students and post work collectives congregate here among restaurants, bars, cafe and other assorted places.
The ‘day pass’ for public transport does not cover you past the witching hours – (so for those errant minded enough to choose to remain out when all fair minded, would certainly be home preparing for Tomorrows 6am start, through the medium of sleep) – they will need to pay a supplementary fare. They dont operate to standard day routes and the drivers seem quite unclear on the network being operated themselves, so it’s best to know what number is going your way and from where before hand.

Zurich – feb 2015

One of the first things to come to mind as I wondered around Munich was oh my how quiet this city is. It’s 11am local time and I’ve arrive in Zurich, there is the frequent rumble of tyres on road and light whirling of engines, there are the planes over head but the most noticeable thing again Is how quite it is, how sparsely populated the station was and how light everything feels, like Munich.
Building Zurich oerlikon

Hoengg Zurich
This is probably not true however, it’s is the false impression caused by a relative view. It is not quiet in Zurich or Munich, it’s rammed, noisy sensory overload of London that stand most places in such stark contrast.
Having lived in London for around 3 years I moved to Liverpool briefly – only a little time in i returned to ealing the area id lived in and was struck back with the wall of people, the bustle and sheer ant heapness of it all.

I really like London – as a child I did not but since my time working in Westminster that mind was changed. The things to do on nights out, the grand old buildings, the randomness of the place, south bank on the Thames, I’ve not come across a city to come close to comparing as yet.. The nearest wax New York but it lacked the natural beauty and the range/breadth of variety and bizarreness that loiters within the folds of London. Zurich is the place I’ve always liked most of all without rational to back this up and this morning the quiet seems most glaring indeed.

The difference is both a tangible one and a subjective, I’m not sure to what extent they are intertwined. London still after all this time has the ability to almost make me wide eyed, it’s interesting, lively and beautiful (though not reliably or evenly so) while Zurich is calmness, still of a warm blanket even when it’s not at its warmest (as now)

My two London friends that were, no longer really are – Oscar is getting married this year and has slipped comfortably in to a different phase of his life, while the other trundles about many places and before that even we’d grown apart.

So while the evenings out, the concerts, the pub conversations until the early hours & that which London offers so well (so long as you have the means) still exist, they belong more to acquaintance socialising and the past times.
Zurich remains Zurich, it has no jazz hands, I’m tempted to hope.

Snow & returning – UK bound (2b) ..

I may have mentioned this – After some days spent enjoying the lengthier than normal commute and the colder than previously stations .. all courtesy of over head lines, they break the trains… the trains get replaced by coaches – but then they don’t because the trains are back … celebration…only they’re not …short lived celebration …

Least they’re back just long enough for us to all about turn and trudge back and do some serious thinking about what we did here today, and what we did here today was some low level comfort, polyester blue, cushion bench sitting, for another 20 minutes … then back to the coaches, for apparently some other train (further up the tracks) having also been caught up all this good stuff, had gone and adopted that tried and tested defence mechanism of all the local trains in times such as this, of peril and surprise – the application of the brakes.. then the wind changed and it went and got stuck that way.

So back to the coaches and with that the days go by ….

Sunday the before all this time, in conclusion then, where’d I get to before I accidentally went and posted this in the wrong place (genius.. If only I could remember my password I could download the app – that might make this easier, o well)

…”So if the threat of gasoline dependants being cut off was enough to put pay to any flawed notion of British lips (they are as stiff as fresh Brie) then what on earth will this do to the Swiss .. People my people stand steadfast, be strong..” ..

I for one will not be buying a new ticket – I resolved while wondering unpurposefully about as at oerlikon station – for they may choose go and time limit their tickets but I had had to run .. Run … I’d bought a ticket to the airport and by Jove this ticket would see me there, yes sir I’m getting on this train (when it comes) with this (by such a time expired) ticket and nothing more – Twas most rousing monologue, that went little like that.. It was cold .. What is more faithfully accurate, was the plan, I was prepared to go with either my finest Hugh grant confounded, bemused, befuddled and generally well meaning abroad fopishness (once having been quite the default) or .. The as yet untested & more outlandish Reese Witherspoon inspired German effort, more in the vein of – what the fuck and do you know who I am ?!!? .. No well quite right, there’re are people who I work with who may well be equally unprivy to such knowledge..

I was prepared – if undecided.. Free from concerns of arrival times, there was little fat left in the schedule but that was ok …

while purposelessly wondering the station a girl in poorly chosen (one can only presume) boots descended a couple of steps on her rear end .. They were wooden due to the reconstruction work and it made quite the noise … Huh, a helpful thought to have at such moments.. I looked down for experience suggests that this is where those taking this approach to stairs decent tend to be .. Plus it’s where the accompanying noises that were thudish in nature had come from

In finest ‘not to be taken to mean anything tangible you understand’ English I asked something – basically along the lines of whether they were ok? – I didn’t catch the response as she scrambled double time to her feat .. Not a proudest of moments, just unexpected, not quite sure when someone descents so dramatically what one does… look and wonder should I do something here ? Yes that’s it …

She took a step and slid bum to floor down a couple more .. The steps were few and by now ideally or not she’d pretty much completed that leg of her journey .. The wooden steps really did something for the acoustics and the fellow travellers in this underpass must now if not the first time, felt themselves duly apprised of her struggles with the surfaces.

On the train – No ticket man came, they seldom do and over here they don’t do barriers . .. Perhaps it’s the greater surplus but there remains a higher level to which you are on your honour, not so in the UK ..( I’m not old enough to remember these other times that may justify such stereotypes of the English Gents – I don’t know whether they once were or weather the time to which such things belong has more in common with the dragons which presumably  kept those fine folks occupied)  .. Perhaps it’s simply that the shit service, high prices – years and years of being shafted in our ever less equal society – perhaps that is one moderately stretched rational for the barrier requirement… Who in their right mind would pay to go on a commuter train in the uk?

Paying at all for the privilege of standing, wedged in place only by your neighbours opportunity located armpit is reasonably enough to convince even the most fair minded that there should be a free’r way, that or a more pleasant one .. Either might work.

Still there’s always the tube when the train journeys over – the hundreds of thousands and their collective morning happiness, it’s a beautiful day don’t let it get way … And the debates about who pushed whom – I’m lucky I get to walk it, but that’s a tomorrow away.. For now I’m still on a Swiss plane .. Window seat & for some bizarre reason Tom & Jerry on the overhead mini screens – their with dinosaurs .. On the way out it was bean – that’s to be expected from the outside at least it seems no one quite loves me bean quite like the Swiss. Broadly I think the Brits rather wonder how they ever came to be part of a collective that gave rise to this … But we can forgive – anything for the man who brought blackadder unto us…

It seems I’m speaking for a country – a country I’m only a half genetic part of and an harder to define cultural product of .. Overreaching perhaps..

Zurich airport departures
Zurich Swiss flight departing

Deiceing Plane
De-Iceing – Preflight … Light Big Fish Queuing At A Bluestreak cleaner wrasse station

As the plane made its way to takeoff, looked out the window, happy to have a window seat (the best for propping the head up when grabbing those often quick to arrive flight winks), letting the work iPhone do its optimal things as pocket DJ .. unfamiliar tune shuffled up and out, quite liked it, not so uplifting, surprised id entirely forgotten this one, i must have loaded it at some point..

Snow & returning – UK bound

Snow apparently it can have adverse impacts in Switzerland – bringing dishevelment – boarder line relative chaos – to the very heart of order …

Snow covered tree

!! beware the overuse of stereotypes may prove harmful to acuity !! – & yet

Snow Topped Christmas Tree Switzerland

Snow apparently it can have adverse impacts in Switzerland – bringing disorderlyness to the very heart of order … Heading to the airport we got to the top of the hill in time to see the bus head off, historically I’ve been here quite regularly and it’s always taken me longer to leave than planned for.. Basically put I don’t want to, it’s one of the common themes of my life, some things change this seems one of those that doesn’t, I should be grateful. Can’t live a life on the reactive incoherence and short sighted vision of a child but there’s a truth in it.
So there it was the recently bus departed stop with the snowy ground, relatively clear road and not entirely warm outsideness.
The next one is in 10 mins, would rather walk to next stop, wastes some time and is less cold.
Back turned and wondering another 46 zips past, where’d that come from … Bugger … What ? … Moderate confusion along with a Sense that my propensity to sacrifice waiting for corrective action has done me no favours this time. Patience grasshopper – nope – taint right, time for manoeuvres .. These are more thoughts than were had at time – they were more limited to bugger-wtf-darn-why & what – things of that ilk

The plan remained and arrived in good time for the next bus, procured tickets and sat.
It did not arrive, Swiss busses, Zurich busses arrive – along with being blue, white & cleaner than many houses – they arrive … It begins go occur to me that this may be such a day as when they don’t. A notion I struggle to contend with, flying as it does in the face of an established truth, while also undermining my plan for attending the airport to a quite uncertain extent.

I am not an early to airport person, nor am I at ease with last minute dashing, an hour of airport excess time is about right for a European internal flight-that hour is starting to look decidedly unhealthy. My mother is not of that mind, it’s been a bone of contention since I took it upon myself to take a view of my own on such matters. She is a 2+hour person who would be at the airport by now & she is here, a plan to see me off..
Then there’s that inclination again.. I could sit and wait here but this isn’t the bus I really need I need the 80 and it leaves from down in the village, for me that should be 15mins pessimistically and I need to see how that service is effected. It’s a thought not necessarily shared by the more conservative of approach & as I set off frequent gawping back occurs, no 46 had been seen going up the hill so there shouldn’t be one coming the other way – that’s the premises but it has the potential to be flawed and this time I want to catch it in the act of eluding my bus catching efforts.

No parental marching of any pace – I’ve gotten chubby in that last year, a lack of football and an onset of unrequited years playing their part but still swift enough across the ground even when sliding in marginally impractical (for the current surface terrain) shoes.. Also the person left in my snow dust is not Usain Bolt those few telling years later ..

Sliding and toe pointed skipping over slush.. I’m waved on and that becomes the goodbye, a practical departure from the intentions I guess.. Hit the town centre and with that the brain pulls it’s support, deciding instead to remind me of my unfit state, burning lungs all those good things.. Find another 80 odd meters of semi speed and slow again as the intended way point bus stop comes into sight. Hopefully no blue and white will feel the need to turn into view now, probably near enough to make the back door, probably .. Maybe ..
No bus comes during a more gradual approach.
This stop comes with a service disruption warning – good to know – Taking up a vantage point to see either bus (The one that wouldn’t come, potentially carrying a parental personage and headed to the main station (as a solid alternative) or the intended 80 with it’s more direct approach to airport going efforts…)

After-all subsequently 4 of the 46s had made their way up the hill & what goes up would have to materialise down here …
Eannie meanie Minnie mo …. Tigers & toes – opting now to add that last bit, another thing from 2012 some peace of news came along that revealed to me seo sort of racist origins to this, what is generally just considered questionable judgement nursery rhyme ..

Tigers not being the first animal requiring resolution to that age old question: if one attempts to snare such a beasty by nabbing a firm grip of a poor exposed, innaccesble toe will it respond in a hostile manner expressed outwardly by a bite.  Felt a level of confidence preexisted, sufficiently probable umbrage might well be taken.  Beside any of that, image you got a grip a really firm clamping hold of the afforementioned toe, could you really see yourself clear to seeing that situation as best described as it’s owner having been caught.. In this instance eenie meenie were the 80 to Minnie & Moe’s 46, who would appear? It’s tense page turning stuff for future me to deal with – note to self: always end of a cliff hanger…

Moderate digression.

The 80 arrives (good to get the bus numbers in – most informative useful stuff) so the journey may continue but it will now be solo effort .. The elusive 46 now firmly on London time and operating in full caravan formation mode, one does though appear in the rear window as we pull off.
There’s quite the gap to the next train, the intended next train is delayed – unfathomable depth this.. In the uk during the great phantom petrol shortage of 2003/4 (cant recall but the lorry drivers were threading some sort of strike – heaven forfend) that wasn’t (well not until panic buying disconcertingly promptly set about) the people in their crowd wisdom, set to queuing in their anguished hoards and stockpiling .. Not merely petrol but tins etc .. It’s possible though unproven, SPAM may even have enjoyed its greatest and only resurgence on those proudfull days..

So if the threat of gasoline dependents being cut off was enough to put pay to any flawed notion of British lips (they are as stiff as fresh Brie) then what on earth will this do to the Swiss .. People my people stand stedfast, be strong..
Departure screen delay

Oerlikon station train
A train – not my train arrives on time