Night Skyline Boston USA

Catch Up Roadtrip 2 [2017] : Boston, A Place With A New York In The Way – Circumventing

Route Map Washington DC to Boston
Circumvent New York Congestion and US propensity to drop a toll on not rare or particularly predictable occasions

Driving In the USA

Big American Flag Driving In the USA
Oh yes – thats right, its not Lincolnshire, i knew that i think but in a, this is very autumnal for Thailand sort of way

Dillsburg Tobacco Outlet

Boston Underground
Boston Underground – Recapturing The Spirit of US Public Transport, not like that there Washington DC, all plush with its clean surfaces and unexposed electric cabling
Boston Underground Looking Good
A Hatch – For Heroic Doings When Alan Rickman takes over the underground station with menaces

Boston Subway Station

Boston Subway Train
Its more a subterranean tram – least it looks like a tram, in a dystopian future where this was once the outside but had long since been buried and built upon, safety while Arnold nips of to Mars

Night Skyline Boston USA

Al Dente Boston USA
Good Portions and Italian – Italian Food

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