Washington DC Monument

Catch Up Roadtrip 2 [2017] : Canada & USA – Washington DC

Capital Hill Building Night Washington DCLights On Capital Hill Building Washington DC

Washington DC The White HouseEisenhower Executive Office Building

United States Air Force Memorial Washington DCHelicopter Washington DCPentagon Washington DCPentagon Memorial SignPentagon 9/11 memorial garden

9/11 Heros Memorial Highway Sign
Who does it serve – to go out of your way to define the unwilling victims of someone else’s act not as Victims – The Lost – The Dead – As Heros – Heroism can not be bequeathed by someone else’s horrendous choices, it is not achieved in death regardless how pointless, violent or shocking its nature might be..  Its no heroic to die – heroism comes by the nature of your own choices, most of these poor people and their families will not have made such a choice.  They are dead – the unwilling dead and no highway will help redress this.

Bridge Washington DCyellow fauna autumn leafs Washington DCLincoln Memorial Washington DCLincoln Statue Memorial Washington DCDe-evolution of US Presidents CartoonWashington DC Monumentlincoln memorial and lake Washington DCCircular Fountain Washington DC0224

Washington MemorialTree Autumn Washington DCThe White House Washington DCChilli in bread bowl Washington DCChina Town Washington DCEisenhower Executive Office Building

The Front Page Bar Washington DC
Decent Bar – Good Happy Hour

Washington DC Subway

Washington DC was probably one of the two most interesting places visited on this trip. Unlike other US cities it has a clean and well maintained public transport system and a size that is both manageable to explore but also large enough to warrant exploring.  The impressive building make for obvious landmarks, while the night life seemed more vivid and available.

Its not New York City – but Washington DC is definitely worth a visit and had more than enough to keep a tourist engaged for a good few days.

Trump Putin Gallery Cartoon



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