Pittsburgh skyline bridges and river

Catch Up Roadtrip 2 [2017] : Canada & USA – Buffalo To Pittsburgh

Cereal Breakfast USA

Quite why breakfast is a meal that needs to be consumed from disposable plates and bowels with the limited aid offered by bending plastic utensils, was a question that bewildered me last time i was in the USA and it was no clearer now.

There was a certain symmetry to it.  A yogurt like pot whose content were quite the brightest pinkest colour.  It appear as the newest inadvertent thing to emerge from the basement of Sizewell B and could be had alongside thin wafers of cinnamon sprinkled plastic, the local take on cereal.  Im not a breakfast person but this whole approach to the morning seemed a little unnecessary, causing as it did such existential questions to arise about what it meant that we had come to this, how had we gotten here and was there anything that could yet be done… its all very early for that kind of thing.

To a friendly shout of – you be safe out there – from the reception desk we headed out on our toll road avoiding drive on to Pittsburgh.

Buffalo to Pittsburgh Google Map

I was on some sort of rogue hair left in hotel toilets role .. only this probably wasn’t it was so fibrous and ample in its thickness, it probably shouldn’t be hair.   It was more front and centre and dryer than the offering in Bangkok, looking back at me as i opened the door, primary it was a matter of relief that is hadn’t sought to scuttle off as i pushed the toilet door open.  That would have freaked me out, it was too big to be the sort of thing you’d want to have scuttling around unchecked in either your room or your toilet space.

Suspension Bridge Pittsburgh

The hotel was no tin the right part of town to readily get access to the city centre.  It was across the water and behind something of substantial hill.  Thankfully the hotel operated a complimentary shuttle service. The next one was due to leave about 20 minutes after we arrived, so we headed upstairs to dump of the bags and collect up what might be needed to go an explore Pittsburgh.

The driver was a very friendly chap, with the sort of sense of humour i was more accustomed to associating  with our fellow Europeans. A sort of deadpan sarcasm which did not get in the way of his effusive welcome and introduction to his home city.   He beckoned me with my Camera wielding to the front of the mini-bus.  The part of the city we stayed in headed toward the city via a tunnel which would open up directly onto the river bridges that were to then carry us across to the city centre.  He was clear this was quite the good and unusual view.  He was not wrong, though it was quite fleeting and my photography skills failed to do it any kind of real justice.  As you emerge from the tunnel you are directly on a large suspension bridge looking across at  Pittsburgh sky line.

We were dropped in a central square and told we could summon a collection whether we were ready – which was all very handy.

Autumnal hillside PittsburghPittsburgh StreetsYellow Suspension Bridge PittsburghPittsburgh skyline bridges and riverBaseball Stadium Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh had not been on our original plan – a fact id had to explain to our driver when he’d thanked us for visiting and explained how often it was over looked by foreign travellers.  It had though only made its way onto the itinerary because it served as a reasonably logical pause point on our way to Washington, the first of the properly planned stops.  That said this was a city well worth the stopping.  We would only be there for that half day and some small part of the following morning, but it was a relatively small city and as such we’d found ourselves quite able to explore much of the central part by walking around it.

Street Lights Pittsburgh NightNight PittsburghNight Pittsburgh Lights and ArchwayIce hockey Statue PittsburghSports Bar Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh – Well Worth The Visit, Probably Best To Take In The Ice Hockey While Here, They Seem To Be Going Through A Recant Spate Of Success & Are Probably It Seems Quite Good At It. Solid Place For Some Views, Some Ice Hockey and A Brief Stop Off.. Probably Too Small For Much More Than A Weekend Visit However.


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