Roadtrip 1 [2017] : Seville .. City Of The Eternal UEFA Cup

Spain – Portugal (day 4)






While we sat drinking a better quality of Sangria than the hush puppy Sangria discovery that had been revealed to us in Cadiz, the bull fighting came on.  It was on all the TVs and it was pretty hard to miss.  I had no interest in it, certainly no desire to see it but also no desire to judge whatever rational had allowed such a thing to persist in Europe in 2017.

But there it was in front of us and there could be no hiding what it was – an honour less, abhorrent disgrace of thing that case all those who were in attendance and choosing to whatch this on their TVs in an unrelentingly poor light.  Some part hopes that it will show itself to have something of a redeeming feature, it did not.

Notes From the time:

“Bull fighting is a disgrace .. cultural imperialism nothing – it’s barbaric & shameful. On the tv here – tormenting, exhausting and then killing slowly – Spain’s cultural right. wanting some superior alien types to pop down round up some Spanish people, goad them before a large disorientating audience and then bleed them out to their slow exhausted death.

Anyone operating under the illusion it’s a skill or man against beast contest.. watch it – just once – it’s multiple men exhausting one beast until it’s too tired and bled out then the guy comes on .. when it’s already done in to much applause .. hoping for a colour blind bull and a matador dressed in finest green”


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Work: 2018 – The End Of A Contract

Work wise this had only been a short engagement, 6 months and it was weird..from doing back to work discussions with those so angered by there experience that they’d left some months prior and not returned, to ongoing displeasure of those team members who remained … looking to get the documentation on business projects i was hired to oversee and then finding out there was actually no such projects – there were things that were not even sketched on drawing boards that remained in their packaging..  It was the weirdest and most inexplicable of situations.

Now with a mixture of relief and disappointment its over .. it was for the most part a nice team, the one that got assembled upon the scorched earth .. and i found myself with the one reservation of leaving them.

Leaving them to the all the inexplicable things that had scorched the earth before, devastating the teams numbers and moral .. and its looming return ..   I was trying not to think about it too much.. I’d asked them to put their despondence and disbelief to one side those few months ago, to give it a chance and in so doing made it worse.  For the doubt filled reservation that lined up behind those words were only doubts for a further couple of weeks.  Id asked them to have some faith and within what could still be legitimately counted in days i knew there was no faith, only blinkered folly that could believe in change.

I pulled and pushed them, asked them for just enough belief to give it ago, then left. I’d thought, incorrectly, that i would take up the fight, normally i do at least for a time vigorously pursing change against the prevailing established mindset.. but not this time – from the first moment i had doubt, then grave doubt and within only weeks really acceptance.  So i think this was not like before – never really managing to become invested in any way, it was a short term contract and it was all just so very mad, why invest yourself in it, the inadvertent thought.

Also i may have accidentally adapted, in unhelpful way, taking an approach now based on the belief that things cant be changed, this can only change themselves.  You (or in this case I) can hold up the mirror and if they ask you (in this case me) to make suggestions .. then yes, and watch to see their actions for the effort doesnt come in daring to ask the question ..

But recast a thing, change it, no – it can not be done to something … this was the equivalent to a clinically obese person that invested for their health, buying in a shiny new exercise bike and then gazing at it, as it poked out knowingly, from behind a very fine and infinitely closer form of cake.

So having made all to easy but not entirely successful efforts at not thinking overly on it, i left …  in part a leaving and not thinking on it that remains occasionally hindered by ongoing calls and messages that leaving has failed to put pay too.. In every way this is the oddest (not worst) but oddest situation – i definitely felt more like a psychologist/therapist or a new kind of care worker, im not one of these, im not sure i mind the idea of being one of those… they sound like interesting jobs, helping people..  only i wasn’t really helping merely postponing ..   There ongoing communications will peter out shortly and then, im going to miss some them i suspect.

On the flip side

  1. World Cup
  2. Free Time And No Hassles
  3. Travel Plans For The Summer

All beckon – though not in that order ..

In the meantime news came in from a past employer, the last of my old team was leaving them … they’d taken to introducing lunch rotas to stop people lunching together.. For a business that bought things that remarkably few people wanted or were financially able to buy, over worked staff members eating at the same time doesn’t seem like it ought to be the key issue needing to be addressed.

I really need to like at my job choices … contract or none contract – im not doing my due diligence – if nothing else is clear and it isnt then that need be in no doubt.

Quote [72] – Society, Its Ramification and Sacrifices. Aggression Letting: Creating Groups And Taking Against The Others.

It is clearly not easy for people to forgo the satisfaction of their tendency to aggression.  To do so makes them feel uneasy.  One should not belittle the advantage that is enjoyed by a fairly small cultural circle, which is that it allows the aggressive drive an outlet in the form of hostility to outsiders.  It is always possible to bind quite large numbers of people together in love, provided that others are left out as targets for aggression

I once discussed this phenomenon, the fact that it is precisely those communities that occupy contiguous territories and are otherwise closely related to each other – like the Spaniards and the Portuguese, the North Germans and the South Germans, the English and the Scots, etc . – that indulge in feuding and mutual mockery.  I called this phenomenon ‘the narcissism of small differences’ – not that the name does much to explain it.  It can be seen as a convenient and relatively innocuous way of satisfying the tendency to aggression and facilitating solidarity within the community.

Being as a society – people, groups and aggression Civilisation and its discontents – Sigmund Freud
If civilisation imposes such great sacrifices not only on man’s sexuality, but also on his aggressiveity, we are in a better position to understand why it is so hard for him to feel happy in it.  Primitive man was actually better off, because his drives were not restricted.  Yet this was counterbalanced by the fact that he had little certainty of enjoying this good fortune for long.  Civilised man had traded in portion of his chances of happiness for a certain measure of security.  But let us not forget that in the primeval family only its head could give full rein to his drives; its other members lived in slavish suppression.

In that primordial era of civilisation there was therefore an extreme contrast between a minority who enjoyed it benefits and the majority to whom they were denied.  As for today’s primitive peoples, more careful stuffy has shown that we have no reason whatsoever to envy them their instinctual life by reason of the freedom attaching to it; it is subject to restrictions of a different kind, which are perhaps even more severe than those imposed on modern civilised man,

People society Civilisation and its discontents – Sigmund Freud
When we rightly reproach the present state of our civilisation with its inadequate response to our demand for a form of life that will make us happy, and with allowing so much suffering, which could probably be avoided – and when we strive, with unsparing criticism, to expose the roots of this inadequacy- we are exercising a legitimate right and certainly not revealing ourselves as enemies of civilisation.  We may hope gradually to carry out such modifications in our civilisation as will better satisfy our needs and escape this criticism.  But perhaps we shall also become familiar with the idea that there are some difficulties that are inherent in the nature of civilisation and will defy any attempt at reform.  In addition to the tasks involved in restricting the drives – for which we are prepared – we are faced with the danger of a condition that we may call ‘the psychological misery of the mass’.  This danger is most  threatening where social bonding is produced mainly by the participation’s identification with on another, while individuals of leadership calibre do not acquire the importance that should be accorded to them in the formation of the mass.
For the rest, I take the view that the tendency to aggression is an original, autonomous disposition in man, and I return to my earlier contention that it represents the greatest obstacle to civilisation.  At one point in this investigation we were faced with the realisation that civilisation was a special process underdone by humanity, and we are still under the spell of this idea.  We will now add that it is a process in the service of Eros, whose purpose is to gather together individuals, then families and finally tribes, peoples and nations in one great unit – humanity.  Why this has to happen we do not know: it is simple the work of Eros.  These multitudes of human beings are to be libidinallly bound to one another; necessity alone, the advantages of shared work, will not hold them together.  However, this programme of civilisation is opposed to man’s natural aggressive drive, the hostility of each against all and all against each.  This aggressive drive it the descendent and principal representative of the death drive, which we found beside Eros and which rules the world jointly with him.  And now, I think, the meaning of the development of civilisation is no longer obscure to us.  This development must show us the struggle between Eros and death, between the life drive and the drive for destruction, as it is played out in the human race.  This struggle is the essential content of all life; hence, the development of civilisation may be described simply as humanity’s struggle for existence. People – social and aggressive tendency Civilisation and its discontents – Sigmund Freud
For a variety of reasons I have no wish whatever to offer an evaluation of human civilisation.  I have been careful to refrain from the enthusiastic prejudice that sees our civilisation as the most precious thing we posses or can acquire, and believes that its path will necessarily leads us to heights of perfection hitherto undreamt of.  I can at least listen, without bridling, to the critic who thinks that, considering the goals of cultural endeavour and the means it employs, one is bound to conclude that the whole effort is not worth the trouble and can only result in a state of affairs that the individual is bound to find intolerable  My impartiality is facilitated by my scant knowledge of such matters.  There is only one thing that I know for certain: the value judgements of human beings are undoubtedly guided by their desire for happiness and thus amount to an attempt to back up their illusions with arguments.  I should understand perfectly if someone were to stress the inevitability of human civilisation and maintain, for instance, that the tendency to restrict sexual life, or to promote the humanitarian ideal at the expense of natural selection, were trends that could not be averted or deflected and that it was best to yield to them as if they were naturally ordained.  On the other hand, I am familiar with the objection that in the course of human history such strivings, which we consider insurmountable, have often been cast aside and replaced by others.  I therefore dare not set myself up as a prophet vis-à-vis my fellow men, and I plead guilty to the reproach that I cannot bring them any consolation, which is fundamentally no less passionately than the most well-behaved and pious believers.

The fateful question for human race seems to be whether, and to what extent, the development of its civilisation will manage to overcome the disturbance of communal life caused by the human drive for aggression and self-destruction.  Perhaps in this context the present age is worthy of special interest.  Human beings have made such strides in controlling the forces of nature that, with the help of these forces, they will have no difficulty in exterminating one another, down to the last man.  They know this, and it is knowledge that accounts for much of their present disquiet, unhappiness and anxiety.  And now it is to be expected that the other of the two ‘heavenly powers’, immortal Eros, will try to assert himself in the struggle with the equally immortal adversary.  But who can foresee the outcome?

People – social and aggressive tendency Civilisation and its discontents – Sigmund Freud

Roadtrip 1 [2017] : Cadiz – Escape To Jerez

Spain – Portugal (day 3)

With the experiences Cadiz had to offer seemingly explored on the previous arrival day, there was the question of what to fill our second day with. The decision, to make use of the trains and go on an outing to the neighbouring city of Jerez.
Cadiz Train Station Spain

Horse Carriages Jerez Spain

Jerez Spain Barrels

and .. with Jerez experienced in the form of wondering around and taste receptor assaulting Sherry of assorted varying assorted flavours – none of them to be repeated.

We headed back to the train and Cadiz, home of our hotel and base for one more night, with a fair bit of day still to go.

PAnd-Cruise-Britannia-Cadiz-SpainSpain-Cadiz-Suspension Bridge