Roadtrip 1 [2017] : Spain – Portugal

Sometime not so long after the warm uplifting moments, a time when a well of national pride came upon us all.  The sort of time that can only come from a pilgrimage of our finest specimens, they headed of to foreign climbs to consume some beer and explain some complex EU matters to the indigenous peoples.. They’d been considering and contemplating on for some time.. they thought upon it as only scholars can.. they’d studied the history, looked at the current demographics and political views of the the populous and they’d travelled with a view to sharing the outcome of all the hard fought thinking.

At sometime then, not so long after this time, we headed to Luton, one of the homes of easyjet.  There was a man with painted on, white, trousers who was joining us for the first stage of our trip.  By any standards a strong look but one not to combine with yoga..  Fortunately there would be no Yoga on the morning flight to Malaga.

Boarding Easyjet Flight Luton To Malaga

gibraltar from afar

gibraltar freight ships at coast

gibraltar hill top panorama

The car park for our hotel in Algeciras was below ground and opposite – it was shared by a number of hotels.  Some small signs and changes of colour on the car park lines meant something and that something was probably an instruction on where we were to go vs where was not for us.   Our understanding was and remains that we followed this correctly.  What there wasnt was an immediate obvious exit path.

Suitcases were tugged from the estate and dragged in the direction by which we’d entered.  The garage doors were closed, not a barrier a full on wall of automated mettle blind.  A sign that wasn’t “Exit” but then we were in Spain.  A sign that was to the best of our knowledge not the Spanish translation of the word “Exit” was the only thing there was, so i headed toward that.  It had a doorway, there was something that looked like daylight and as we closed in on it, some steps leading upward.

It was not the exit but as it transpired it was an exit – as we pulled and hoisted our suitcases up the stairs we found ourselves confronted with a queue, a reception desk.  It didnt look like a hotel but it did have a door which led to the outside, progress was close at hand. The queue required some circumnavigation and in doing so as we closed in on the door someone from behind the reception desk about shouting something, it was in Spanish ,which wasnt a problem because i for one didnt speak a world of Spanish.  They could have been saying anything to anyone, who was i to jump to any uninformed conclusions.

AS we got outside and crossed the road i looked back, it looked like it was probably some sort of hospital, “clinca” seemed like a word that suggested something medical.

chinca medico asistencial virgen del rosario

It was – It was something medical – there was a stethoscope and a white coated man smiling back from the website that shared the building name.  Linguistic skills unleashed, surprising accuracy there. Such revisiting of the scene was a matter for the next day, when daylight had returned and photography could proceed unhindered .. also a time when there was notably reduced risk of desk wardens popping out.   To further relay what id now taken to assuming wasn’t necessarily either background irrelevance or a celebratory greet.

Probably something about it not being the exit, that was probably the shouting across, though they really ought to consider making whatever other exit there was clearer if they found themselves perturbed by suitcase accompanied visitors.

Algeciras Tourist Attraction
Algeciras Tourist Attraction? – there was sign – looked a bit like a historic gutter
Algeciras Tourist Attraction
Its either a gutter or a proper shit moat -designed to ward of those unable to lay hands on a 3 meter long plank
Algeciras Tourist Attraction
Not a moat – old gutter?.. Come to Algeciras, see the old gutter and marvel in its splendour .. I used those recently discovered natural language skills, a possible translation of the brown sign

Round one – pretty much okay – another stab at beer.  Options were Ciderless again in the foreign places.  That said – insufficient

Algeciras Port At Night

Quote [71] : People – Self Interest vs Communism

  The communist think they have found the way to redeem mankind from evil.  Man is unequivocally good and well disposed to his neighbour, but his nature has been corrupted by the institution of private property.  Ownership of property gives the individual the power and so the temptation, to mistreat his neighbour; whoever is excluded from ownership is bound to be hostile to the oppressor and rebel against him.  When private property is abolished, when goods are held in common and enjoyed by all, ill will and enmity among human beings will cease.  Because all needs will be satisfied, no one will have any reason to see another person as his enemy; everyone will be glad to undertake whatever work is necessary.  I am not concerned with economic criticisms of the communist system; I have no way of knowing whether the abolition of private property is expedient and beneficial.*   But I can recognise the psychological presumption behind it as baseless illusion.  With the abolition of private property the human love of aggression is robbed of one of its tools, a strong one no doubt, but certainly not the strongest.  No change has been made in the disparities of power and influence that aggression exploits in pursuit of its end, or in nature.  Aggression was not created by property; it prevailed with almost no restriction in primitive times, when property was very scanty.

[* – Anyone who tasted the misery of poverty in his youth and experienced the indifference and arrogance of propertied people, should be safe from the suspicion that he has no sympathy with current efforts to combat inequalities of wealth and all that flows from them.  Of course, if this struggle seeks to appeal to the abstract demand, made in name of justice, for equality among all men, the objection is all too obvious: nature, by her highly unequal endowment of individuals with physical attributes and mental abilities, has introduced injustices that cannot be remedied.]

Communist Economics – Society Civilisation and its discontents – Sigmund Freud


Shire Pics [2018] – Local Wanderings


Horses spotted and getting spotted back ..unusual behaviour for them to take an interest.. maybe mistaken for the food person who must come? or being warded of as some kind of interloper to their spot..


Friendly – possibly food seeking .. nothing in the pockets..


Sudden Stop – Finally Spotted By A Less Than Observant Fox