Catching Up – 2018 – The Danger Of Trains and Sleep

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All was well and good but for the first time in many years i dont work in London .. this may or may not be a factor – it could just be that everything that happens not irregularly will have its moment.  The thing that over the years that has happened not irregularly is the late night train sleeping.  For many years on my phone and then somewhere along the line a mixture of getting sloppy or cocky meant that was no longer a regularly adopted safety net.

Unlike when i worked in parliament and awoke to find myself on route (with all chances to avoid this fait behind me) to the city of Cambridge.  I did not live in Cambridge at the time, ive never lived in Cambridge or anywhere close to Cambridge) .. Unlike those time recent times have seen a spate of better … not judgement – fortune.  Not this time, the body had maybe unlearnt the rhythm and timings of the journey.  Worse than this, having woken up two stops and about 10 minutes before my own, i opted for one more nap.  It was a poor none-choice, a dereliction of choice and embracing of misplaced instinct.

I awoke and found myself on route and wondered where too.. sometimes you just know the pitch black world beyond the window just isnt the right kind of pitch black, its a pitch black belonging to a world of the less familiar.  Id been studying the black pensively as the train pulled in to the big reveal station, it was not my station, it was not a station before my station.. it was a problem.

The side routes were pitch black, it was morning – not yet but it was last train of the night late and there was no sign of any taxi.  Because inanimate objects understand comedy timing my phone new this was its time, announcing its lower power with some familiar beeps before bypassing the customary lower power period and shutting itself down.  Days, months, sat within a pocket, recalling the moments of gravity induced escape, livid with the disrespect shown for its years of solid service and waiting.  Waiting for the right moment to act.

No Taxis – not one was by the station and none passed by as i wondered in the direction of home, waiting for a choice to present itself.. after a while of choices not presenting themselves, i was by the A1 the one road that went the right way and came with probable road lighting.   A roundabout, a lack of choices accompanied by a lulling lack of traffic and a number of unresolved questions in my head… the wisdom of the option that looked destined to come.

I was pretty sure this was not a not allowed thing-it was the A part not the M part – not a motorway and therefore ok for night time idiots who sleep on trains and day time old people seeking notoriety on their mobility scooters.

Still it didnt come with a pavement – it came with a certain amount of excess space – a semi-hard shoulder and some grassy patches that had had no reason for pruning, it was spring, there had been rain and there had been warm, it was lush and it was springing forth.  Still it was for the best – imaging what this would have been in the cold, wet and even darker of winter.. no, if the time was to come to remind on the perils of alcohol haze train-ing without a safety net, then it couldn’t have happened on a much kinder night than this.

Some cars and lorrys swept past, moving off to the fast lane as if i were far wider of more weaving than i know to be true while a couple opted for the helpful beeping – solidarity or not.

Catching Up – 2018 Pictures

While the UK troops toward deliberate, expertly planned and impeccably implemented exit stage left? right? …um .. the world cup is almost upon us. and my current work contract has (for the most part) come to an end.

Recent times have consisted of:

  • London

Regents Canal SideRegents Canal Camden LockRegents Canal CamdenRegents Canal LondonRegents Canal London

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  • Shire Wondering – as something that looks a bit like summer has come:

I also took a trip up north to finish a discussion – there were options for the summer but nothing overly clear, hence the trip up north to locate a brother and ascertain more clarity.

The question was there something beyond the initial talk and intentions and if there was, then which option?

  • Alaska
  • Chile (largely ruled out for the intended time of year appearing low or against the thoughts of those online making their recommendations)
  • Touring Australia
  • China
  • Japan
  • Asia Touring

With one of us coming up on an extensive student summer holiday and the other drawing a short term employment contract to its end – the opportunity for a more adventurous turn was there in a way it might not often be again.

  • Switzerland (after a gap longer than it ough to be)

Airport Kloten Train Station

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Zurich Kloten Airport


Quote [70] : Civilisation – Collective Achievement & Constraint

We acknowledge, then, that a country has a high level of civilisation if we find that in it everything can assist man in his exploitation of the land and protect him against the forces of nature – everything, in short that is of use to him – is attended to and properly ordered. Civilisation Civilisation and its discontents – Sigmund Freud
No feature, however, seems to us to characterise civilisation better than the appreciation and cultivation of the higher mental activities, of intellectual, scientific and artistic achievements, and the leading role accorded to idea in human life. Civilisation Civilisation and its discontents – Sigmund Freud
Communal life becomes possible only when a majority comes together that is stronger than any individual presents a untied front against every individual.  The power of the community then pits itself, in the name of ‘right’, against the power of the individual, which it condemned as ‘brute force’.  The replacement of the power of the individual by that of the community is the decisive step toward civilisation.

Its essence lies in the fact that the member of the community restrict themselves in the scope for satisfaction; whereas the individual knew no such restriction.

Civilisation Civilisation and its discontents – Sigmund Freud
Hence, the next requirement  of civilisation is justice, that us the assurance that the legal order, once established, shall not be violated again in favour of the individual.  This entails no judgement regarding the ethical value of such a system of law.  The subsequent development of civilisation seems to aim at a situation in which the law should no longer express the will of a small community – a caste, a social stratum or a tribe – that in its turn relates like a violent individual to other groups, which may be more comprehensive.  The ultimate outcome should be a system of law to which all – or at least all those who qualify as members of the community – have contributed by partly forgoing the satisfaction of their drives , and which allows no one – again subject to the same qualification 0 to become a victim of brute force. Judiciary (law) – Civilisation
Individual liberty is not an asset of civilisation.  It was greatest before there was any civilisation, though admittedly even then it was largely worthless, because the individual was hardly in a position to defend it.  With the development of civilisation it underwent restrictions, and justice requires than no one shall be spared these restrictions.
  It does not seem as though any influence can induce human beings to change their nature and become like termites; they will probably always defend their claim to individual freedom against the will of the mass.  Much of mankind’s struggle is taken up with the task of finding a suitable, that is to say happy accommodation, between the claims of the individual and the mass claims of civilisation.  One of the problems affecting the fate of mankind is whether such an accommodation can be achieved through particular moulding of civilisation or whether the conflict is irreconcilable. Civilisation Civilisation and its discontents – Sigmund Freud