Britain peters out

Borders the arbitrary kind are a great aid to right wing politics.

Natural borders like those all about us in the UK with the salty fluids, they are somewhat more a given but no less of an aid.

For while people could seek ways to group themselves unhealthily into ‘us’ and ‘them’ in some form of involving a contemplation, the presence of borders reviews this most minor of inconveniences.

So while people might look to their wealthy near neighbours or their government or the tax avoiding blue chip on the local commercial area, they manage to avoid this.  Distracted by the far more acceptable notion that the cause of their suffering, the reason they dont have that which they might like to have, feel they ought to have are those who resemble them most closely but who appear on another side of one or multiple of these boundaries.


So it is that the UK news reports people full of belief the immigrants and/or the EU are out to get their NHS.  An NHS that had been getting gradually worse.  A point could be made about the relative lack of funding, how services have been cut back due to health authority debts and central government funding but that’s difficulty, they voted for that government… the other lot might have made the tax go up to pay for things.. and anyway its just all to natural to know it was that blank unknown wrongness from over the shore that did …. whatever it might be that you care about ….

Its do predictable, humour could be found in it.. only right now i haven’t – right now we have been forced out of the UK by a populous that demonstrably have no clue what they were voting on.  The EU is a bit shit, it is, it lack democratic instincts, often seems more like FIFA than an accountable parliament … democratic deficit i believe its sometimes refereed to … so our very own democratic deficit is ours no more..

So we get to repatriate powers.. Sovereign powers .. because our governments define how things are to be right.

Governments never say things like:

  • We cant implement peoples rights/pay.. we’d love to but think about our national competitiveness, we have to be able to compete with our neighbours
  • We cant charge tax to the wealthy or corporations at a rate commensurate with the paid by the labour ranks, they’d just take their investment/business activities across one of those previously mentioned borders
  • The internet … access to information … dangerous and terrorists in some sort of varying sequence

We do have these sovereign powers, we do have that taken back control, very useful when the balance of power provides all these excuses and/or rationals for choosing that those powers are simply not the kind, repatriated or not that you care to be using.

This is a shameful day for all the small minded, exuberant displaying that is a poor imitation of genuine national confidence.  We’ve become old, infirm, looking back upon a younger selves with glorious rose tinted speckles to the worlds remember when we …. but we probably didn’t and if we did… and maybe on some we did …. at what cost, at was damage, destruction, theft and still visible scar to the world did we do this, in these glorious days of y’ore… all that apart, presuming it wasn’t don’t so, time has not remained still.. this didn’t choose stop being so because we magnanimously chose it to, it came apart because it had to, because time past and things changed…. but now through a barely considered act of self destruction we’ve found a portal through which to resurrect that place and time.. Behold world .. the UK is back and being great again .. Rejoice .. for the light you sought, if even you knew it no, it lit once more

The UK has resigned itself to decline and irrelevance in a way thats painfully clear but hard to comprehend.. The death rattle presenting as prideful defiance .. the hollow colourful display of the beast that believes itself beaten and is throwing what it has into one last forlorn hope .. to convince no assailant in this case but purely and merely to convince itself of a relevance it will never once more have and defy a lack of relevance it didnt but has now consigned itself to.