2015 November Roadtrip – Scotland (2) – Aberdeen To Loch Ness

Loch Skene Gate House TowerLoch Skene Gate House TowerSign Loch Skene

12188197_10156252162420010_3564674962366294825_o12191161_10156252162430010_4652348112557162366_o887517_10156252171575010_2092272171550868427_o12214028_10156253611875010_2046960621_oScottish Piste Basher12235489_10156253610670010_1706671855_o


Muddy Hand Loch Ness
Dithering and an inadvertent slide down a muddy embankment

Loch Ness South ShoreLoch Ness Shore12218731_10156253598875010_603382529_o

The Path That Went Unseen – No Need For That less than deliberate Bum Slide Down the Embankment

12236997_10156253585315010_2087817542_oBridge Foyers ScotlandScottish Highlands Foyers RiverRiver Foyer Scotland



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