May and looking back at April – work

The first of may 2015
The weather is properly Mingin in Switzerland a description my phone disagrees with. It a bank holiday here and nothing much is about to happen at all, the TV has been switched from orchestral musical offering to a Phil Collins / genesis offering from yester/yesteryear if the wall of organs and superabundance of hair is anything to go by.

The updates have been coming out of London, performance numbers for the month of April, now that it is done.
At this moment I’m not sure what to make of them, 5% above target and a big day yesterday, on a Thursday, why? It seems like an improbable sprint to the line where a staggering across personal best close to the target was all that we had reason to expect.

Never been much for the daily trading numbers, still not really, they can drive poor short termist thinking that tempt poor quality thinking. Two good month and an upward trajectory is needed though, to keep belief and push on, doubt would not be helpful right now.  Like the manager of a football team on the brink of relegation whose team start winning games after only a few tweaks, wondering on how phantom such turn around are, do mix with disbelief to dampen celebrations.

Plus in the real world more important matters draw close – more destruction of the instruments of civilisation with the conservatives vs the better side of people… The devil vs the angel on the shoulder … As a extreme … A week away

I was looking forward to this mini break and catching up on sleep, so far that’s worked out rather, with little of the morning being encountered by conscious thoughts. It may be a bit of a waste of valuable holiday but it’s not  utterly without its merit.

We’re on the 10th floor, a duck chose a close proximity fly past, from the distance I could see it coming then zip past the large window, it was really travelling at quite the surprising pace.