Quote Book -[7]- People

P58 Jung stresses that the psyche is not confined to the individual, groups have a collective psyche that forms the spirit of the age, or Zeitgeist. This collective psyche readily forms a collective shadow, which can be exceedingly dangerous. For example, in the second World War, the Nazis formed a collective shadow which they projected onto the Jewish people, whom they then saw as being worthless and evil.
P113 How did the connection between the inner, psychic event and the outer, physical event come about?   Jung suggested the idea of ‘acausal parallelism’, by which he meant that everything is actually happening in the same time. He felt that there was an acausal archetypal order of this kind at the root of all phenomena. Thus, two events could be connected in some way without one necessarily having to be the direct cause of the other. He later used the word ‘synchronicity’ to express this idea.

Source: Teach Yourself: Jung – Ruth Snowden