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Past Trips – California San Francisco Via Santa Cruz [15]

Either the Jeep was proving a lot more fuel efficient than expected or it had one big big old fuel tank. There was still plenty of fuel but it had now depleted to the point that it seemed to worth topping up.

There was a challenge thrown in our way, one we’d noticed days before and though we’d tried to, proven to be unable to get an answer. What was that fuel it was wanting, the sticker on the fuel cap requesting a very particular sort of food.. At home its all remarkably clear… Diesel, Unleaded, Electric… Black, Green, Not a liquid … This was a very specific number that had been strapped to the jeep and that number had at precisely none of the petrol stations on the route so far.

Cant remember who it was, in this mini-play/barley a scene, plot free moment, there was the friendly Californian lady who was filling up next to us and the less probable bemused faces of the petrol stations shop attendants. These were the other people who i wound up speaking to here at one point or another and from those discussions emanated the view that this was a Texan fuel, not available in California but all together quite similar to others which were… so we should just top up with that.

As for payment, well that was bizarre, you pay before you fuel up and there’s no pay at pump what so ever… so you have to guess at what amount of fuel you might need… only … and this seems to not be a purely UK thing, but the price of fuel kind of fluctuates so how, even if you know your vehicle in a way that we didn’t, how do you work out what amount of fuel you need? … we were perplexed time and time again by again when it came to fueling time, over and over again the same vastly impractical practice was the norm.
We took a punt on the amount of money that represented the now missing fuel in our tank and headed back in to pay this. Never answered was the rational for this, no time saving, no advantage seemed evident other than perhaps preventing people from fueling up and driving off without paying but how often does that really happen – a most unnecessarily unhelpful practice it is.

Petrol Station Doughnut Advert Seven ElevenSanta Cruz Coast Side

Santa Cruz Arcade Amusement Park
Not exactly Disney Land .. not been there but if this were the size of it then you’d have to really take your hat off to their marketing department .. that or the people in their fine well padded cartoon character inspired summer suits, being burnt from the inside by the embers of their once aspiring actorial ambitions and their floats were quite the game changer that they in no way appear to be.

It had a shut sort of look about it, the coastal amusement arcade and theme park, their was a roller coaster among other rides but they were very dormant. Once, not so very long ago something had been going on here, there was a concert stage out on the beach which appeared to be in the process of being disassembled.

Santa Cruz Beach Santa Cruz Concert Stage Santa Cruz Beach Concert Stage
Santa Cruz Pier

We headed down the beach to seek out something that was open and came complete with beverages and toilet facilities.
Up toward the pier, having stopped off we turned back. Up here there was a collection of locals who seemed to either homeless or otherwise economically significantly disadvantaged, they decided to pose for photos.

Santa Cruz Beach People

Beach Volley Ball Santa Cruz

We headed back to the car via the amusement arcade to move on, it wasn’t the longest stint ahead of us but we’d exhausted the opportunities to pass the time here.

San Francisco Monterey Route Map

Santa Cruz Pier

Santa Cruz Light House

Pacific Coast Cliff And WavesSand Beaches California Route One

California Route One Beach

Surfer Surfing California

Flock of Birds

Coastal View Pacific Route One

Light House

Route One California Light HousePacific Coast Beach

White Sandy Beach

Jeep Cherokee On Route One

Between the relatively short driving day that today looked like being and Mitch’s disinclination for big city driving, as established with London, (i have no idea which of these it was) the driving was swapped over much to my satisfaction… it makes little sense, the scenery is amazing and you can appreciate far more readily as the passenger, yet i enjoyed the experience all the more when driving.

San Francisco Double Decker Fly Over
Arriving in San Francisco

San Francisco Driving


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