Pier Monterey sea lion

Past Trips – California – Monterey Bay [14]

By the time of leaving the hotel it was darkish out, we’d not arrived so early and since then it had gotten later.  It seems to be the way of things.

We did however witness a bus, at the crossroads down the road it was spotted, it wasn’t headed our way, it was only crossing this road but it answered one question these bus stops did come with buses and at least some of those buses were on the move on Sunday’s.

We headed off, I don’t like to wait and see and so we headed off.  Not long after we came across a bus station, not a bus stop, a multi-stop big old junction spot.  A person was sat on one of the benches, she gave us her bus time table we stood unfamiliar and gawping about.  This lady seemed to be a person who’s had very little, hopefully not too at home on the bench but seemed rather comfortably present there.  There was to be a bus into Monterey.

Monterey At night

What we found in Monterey was a few things – it was dark – there were people touting  clam chowder down at the pier (where we wound up), I’d heard of clam chouder, I didn’t know what clam chowder was exactly, my desire to find out was not sufficient, existent, to see today becoming the day when such discoveries would be made.

There were noises along the pier, rumbles from beyond the tourist enticing lights of restaurants.  Sea lions it transpired slept here, we found them by following the noises, there in the lower tiers of the wooden pier where the smells dwelt, I lent over to see what I could see & photo it, the odor rose up to greet me..

Sea lions under the pier at nght

Pier Monterey sea lion
Minty fresh

Pier at night Monterey

We headed back into the town center for dinner locating.
Monterey Bay town at nightThe thick and fish byproduct rich airs the wafted up had little on what was to come. I ought to have known better – There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again. Vegan food had lulled me with talk chickpeas and curry, two fine things which was no reason to believe that two great could combine to such unpleasant effect. So on that occasion it fooled me into ordering quite the most unpleasant thing, now it was about to successfully pull it of for a second time.
I had my doubts, I had my memory but id said yes to the idea before the word vegan had come up – cheese cake dessert after dinner, only made with cashew nuts.. Too late the words no cheese vegan came up too late, nkw there was only hope… Hope for no repeats.

It was not to be, it was like a bit of damp chalk, doused in fruits of the forest tea, offering the promise of a scent anything but met in the taste. It was not really edible, least not as a dessert a part of the meal designed not to fill but as a tasty treat – not so much.Monterey Bay town at night

I struggle to believe it’s impossible to make a palatable dish due it’s being virtuously bereft of any animal sourced produce. So it can only be that either; these were two bouts of misfortune or that vegan types hate food and are busy weening themselves off it through aversion therapy.. The second of these for sure.

Monterey Bar / Pub
Not much going on – Nightlife in Monterey Bay .. A Monday Night Mind

There were places to go, they were just not very good, or perhaps it was Monday and Monday wasn’t a night to be out and about in Monterey in places that at any other time would be improbably kicking and interesting. With little in the way of places that were interesting to go, there was one high volume metal loudness bar, perhaps interesting but not sufficiently enticing. We headed back to locate the heading back bus stop and find out about its heading back times.
With Monterey having been pleasant enough but fairly swiftly exhausted in the dark, the day been truly well spent heading gradually up the coast.

Monterey Bay
Sitting – Bus Waiting

On the busses California

Remada Marina Hotel Monterey


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