Past Trips – California – Route one to Monterey Bay [13]

Route one Pacific Coast viewPacific Ocean blue Coast route one California big sur Pacific coastBig sur California bridgeRoute one bridge California big surSomething in the water maybeOn the map this was probably a shorter stretch but somewhere between all the corners, stopping off, looking around and even more moderated speeds it had a way of lasting. When the brown cliffs no longer ran along the passengers side and more normal road style service resumed it was somewhat of a disappointment. We were not yet at Monterey and wouldn’t be for some time. We’d learnt something more about the jeep by this time, it’s sat nav was more obstinate than it was solid in its judgement, with a propensity for some unusual route selection. The main road, the one we were on seemed to run very close to our destination hotel and still all of a sudden we were being instructed to leave this free flowing bit of highway to take an alternative course. Obeying we were soon back on a curly narrow, hill climbing road / track, it was a road just not a very big one. I had little to no objection to this, it looked more interesting, but Mitch was not a believer. We pulled over and zoomed the map out, who knows what it was up too, a big gnarly loop over the top of some hills that would drop us back down where that larger straighter road, the one we’d recently exited, was soon to be getting too. U-turn. The sat nav did not take disobedience in its stride and continued to demand adherence to its hill plan to appoint beyond the reach of reason and even when it did get over that it was enticed by every exit regardless of its proximity to our destination. We were staying at a Ramada hotel not in central, down town, Monterey.  Eventually pulling in there as evening set about falling, either that or it had gotten more overcast again, either way by recollection it was neither so bright or warm out and came at the end of a reasonably long, if paced out, driving day. Ramada Marina Monterey – with Lillywood’s co-artist on the reception as we arrived, got a key and headed up to the room.

A lack of ingredients around the coffee / warm beverage making equipment saw Mitch head back down for a further encounter.

I prefer to avoid dealing with such things while away most disruptive to the calm & having been made a little bit of a shield or guard lama by my bosses over the years I prefer to steer away from such things on holiday, who wouldn’t.  That doesn’t always work out for me, this was such a time as Mitch returned flush with no creamer and an air that suggested he’d now had enough of dealing with the reception chap.

My turn, mostly it’s become easy now not an admirable trait but as I headed down on the lift the mindset fell over me, the doors opened and my eyes fixed on the unnamed reception desk.  Eventually after some ringing for service he re-materialised.  With politeness veneered over the prepared mindset beneath I set to requesting those items which were not in room based abundance / absent.  So odd, now most helpfully and with reasonable good cheer he walked me into the breakfast hall and proceeded to produce handfuls of stuff … Relief, demilitarise the mental mode, thanked him happily and got to take my holiday brain back upstairs along with valuable hot beverage powders.

Like a pet I’ve had one of my deepest character traits contorted to serve a purpose.  As a child I got into fights, quite a bit, a young child pre-teens, mostly not for me, usually if someone was picking on a friend or being racially untoward – like some zealous sheep dog warding of planes that fly overhead.. Well you never quite know with planes.
According to Harry in an overly sweeping and improbable comment some years ago, which was not targeted at myself, we are forever who we were in the playground. I don’t really believe it, though for much of it, i cant deny it rings a fair amount of true. Today, work has taken that trait and given it another forum for it to contort into, in younger days it was a trait that on balance i looked on with reasonable regard for those days. Yet now and specifically here, with its revised form, Id really rather not.
This was a most welcome outcome.

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