Past Trips – California – Heading To Big Sur [11]

California Dust Farming Spraying Truck

Rural Housing CA USA

Roadtrip USA Flag Sightseeing
Canadian and proud.

Posh boy Brits started the ski tourism in Switzerland – so caution was called for:

Swiss Flag Matterhorn Zermatt
They Shall Not Make Off With Our Matterhorn – Tallest Flagpole & The Perspective Denial #outfoxed
Steering Wheel Hand Shot Of US FLAG
So confused – where the hell are we !!

An interesting looking place appeared on our left as we rounded a corner, a big old train carriage, nowhere particularity close to any tracks, which looked very much like it had been converted into a diner. We saw a number of these on our route, this was the first and we stopped for lunch.
I ordered a wrap i think, if memory serves (which all to often it does not) but unlike back here they didn’t begrudgingly offer up both a wrap and some sample of what the filling might have looked and tasted like had it been present.. here it came will all manner of unannounced guest appearances.. a mini-chilli on the side, i think there were chips and salad… i hadn’t been hungry too start with, stopping having been Mitch’s idea.. It was quite the struggle.
I’d been boring and ordered a coke with it, you know where you are with it, if your unwell or hung over it sends what ales you scurrying for safety, if your well then its going to intoxicate your system with a sugar overload and hall raft of wholly untoward and unnecessarily present pollutants that probably ought not pass the fit for human consumption test.. but you know where you are with it.. only i didn’t, this wasn’t like the coke i was used to, for possibly the first time i could understand why this stuff was quite so popular.. Less sweat, less syrupy, cleaner crisper taste, this was actually quite nice..–but-can-the-famous-flavour-be-recreated-at-home-8621636.html

And although totally contextually irrelevant:

The point – the Coke was good, the food unexpectedly abundant and assorted, it was also quite nice. Mitch had opted for something more local, root bear or something, tasted like an unidentified generic cough syrup.. how do i know? the disgruntled tortoise recoiling its head look on his face, was followed by a disdainful shove of the glass with a suggestion i try it also. With all that verbal and non-verbal recommendation ringing out, how could i refuse ..

Train Carriage Diner California

Rather full and having made use of the facilities to unburden in preparation for the next stint, we departed.

California Farming Fields

California Farm House and Fields

Sea Side Route One California
Getting Back To The Coast

Route 1 California

Another previously unfamiliar but now seared into our unconscious core tune rolled back round .. Mitch attempted to join in on the chorus, as the road dropped down once more and arced around a cove. By now the sky had long since cleared off all clouds, bright blue skies meeting the bright aquatic blue of the pacific ocean.

Route One Coast California

Route 1 Coast California


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