Sandman inn California Santa Barbara

Past Trips – California – Santa Barbara [9]

What you can’t know is how days will pan out, it’s probably just as well or I would live them out either in flight/hiding or in perpetual hope of living in them somehow longer than conventional understanding would allow.

As it is, they rather just sort of happen and then their done.  It’s that kind of news that blogs really help go get out there.  Disperse the wisdoms & daring new realisations – like linkedin – that bastion of proud current concenaus espousing thought, with a tip of the hat to self congratulation and a wink to peacocking .. Shareth the wise wise words upon your digital stone tablets of truth. Giveth unto all the days brain fart forTas been brewing too long.

Time then from most people standard perspective – kinda rolls one way – and today, It would transpire as it rolled, woukd end up a fine and interesting day, arguably the finest and most interesting day of the holiday.

The weather was unsurprisningly pleasant though the day did seem to start cooler and a little overcast. Mitch was off running about while I steadied myself for the trip to the breakfast dispensery.

I had time to burn and so, knowing that my memory couldn’t be relied on to keep an althougher detailed record of our stop off location I headed out for breakfast and photos.
Sandman inn California Santa Barbara

Sandman inn California Santa Barbara

The room that housed the food and drink for the morning was small and square, styled in the vein of a 50s cafe or burger bar, I don’t what they are, I know they had one or so of them in grease. Probably an underrated movie but also possibly to blame for perpetuating the notion that musicals are things that can be tolerably watched, exceptions should not give rise to any unnecessary perpetuation of this genre.

There were colourful puffy couch seats and stuff in bright red tonesthete was also a re-emergence of the disposable crockery pic nic style. Perhaps then this was really a thing over here, knives readily defeated by hardened toast adversary.  The cereal, either I was acclimatising to the fair scent of cinemon spiced silicon coated cardboard treats or it had gotten a bit better .

Disposable crockery orange juice California


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