Past Trips – California – Driving To Santa Barbara [7]

Leaving Santa Monica I forwarded myself into the driving seat, the mornings test run having shown positive if statistically questionable signs, it seemed like now was the time to make that jump. Early afternoon and before any unnecessary doubt started wrangling it’s way back in, after all the route home in some days time almost demanded two drivers, best not to wait overly long.

It was quite the big old thing, the Jeep, i’d noticed this before but it remained true.
Today was to be the least distance of all the driving days, yet it took us a little by surprise again on the distances & time. The speed limits are not that high and being not from around these parts there was ever the more onus toward obeying them. Beside many of the other drivers seemed similarly inclined to stick to the limited speeds being demanded by the signs. It was not slow, it just wasn’t fast made more noticeable by the broadly straight, open and not so congested nature of the road expanse.

The jeep was proving itself most comfortable as a mode of transport. It was not a good thing, how much I enjoyed tootling about in this vehicle, this can only have been a most poor choice for anyone concerned with environmental matters, there is, was and remains no excuse for the unnecessary bulk of this thing, but I did like it already. A very comfy, relaxing space to be occupying.

I’d held of my inquisitive thoughts about the button paddles around the steering wheel for quite some time. The moment was always going to come when that restrained came to its end. So as we plowed along one of the wide multi-lane roads it occurred to me that the radio could be a bit louder, why reach out or ask your fellow travels to make an adjustment when you have paddles that may or may not have something to do with that sort of thing.

They did not have anything to do with any matters radio or sound system in orientation.
They were the other thing, techtronic gear paddle shifts and once engaged no manner of watering and other button pushing wax about to persuade it that its services were actually neither required or desired. Nope for now I would be left to find out quite how many gears this thing had (it wasn’t 5 or 6) & re-quaint myself with the idea that perhaps there are times when fiddling with unknown buttons/paddles and generally making discovery’s are not necessarily the optimal idea.  Mitch was even requested to seek out answers among the jeep documentation available in all good glove compartments, it mentioned many things including the techtronic gears, now discovered, they had their own bit, it was a bit that didn’t abide with the idea that they might be something in need of switching off… nope the guide held no truck with such notions and did so by avoiding the topic entirely.


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