Past Trips – California – Los Angeles Departing [5]

The following morning started with breakfast, Mitch wasn’t about having gone out for a morning run, a compulsion which hasn’t managed to ensnare me as yet, nope i get to wake up gently and consider where to engage in some much needed sitting, hours will have past without sitting by then..

In unrelated news, not quite the slimness that i used to have..

The exact sequence of things is lost on me here, Mitch had left the room key under the back Tyre of the jeep, rather than take it along, while I’d woken up with renewed intent to get to grips with the theoretically simplistic dodgem driving that ought to have been, the automatic… It was time to try again, I’d put all the contribution of others to one side and reflected again on the simplicity of it all, one peddle made it go the other stopped it from going, there was no need for a second foot to get involved at any point, being as going and stopping at the same time is most seldomly required.
Before heading off on the road trip, with proper roads, real other driver traffic, with their wrong minded right hand side of the road driving (familiar from past trips in continental Europe), it was best to work out whether yesterdays fail was real or a matter of brain based befrazzlement now past.. i did feel a whole lot more present in the day this morning.

I took the keys and unwatched headed down to the car park to discover my answer. Taking my time i put my left foot to one side, reminded myself it was just a stop and go thing, not like real driving more like a toy or computer came…. summed up belief and put it into reverse, the camera came on, the accelerator went down and backward i went, slowly gradually, like a learner … i releases the accelerator and pushed down the brake and for the first time the car came to a gradual peaceful and comfortable stop. There was no emergency cheese cutting courtesy of the seat belts, no highly undesirable and notably unrequired emergency stop action, a pleasing and reassuring start.
Pushing the auto shifter forward i accelerated away, around the hotel i went a feat well beyond my talents yesterday. The main challenge arising when a lone individual found it necessary to take the car park … you go left-go right… there were no lines, it was a car park, i got out of the way, it seemed to be for the best. Went round a bit, like those electronic trikes and cars that you chuck a frank into (as a child) and then drive round and round in circles, used to rather look forward to those back in smaller younger days… Here and now, the circling of the hotel with ever increasing confidence didn’t quite hold the same allure or at least i felt that I’d answered my question and proved a point to myself.. With that achieved i put the jeep back where I’d found it, returned the room key to its location behind the wheel and headed back in, quite pleased, a bit relieved with how things had gone and maybe wondering abut quite how this had posed the insurmountable problem it had been yesterday.. Amazing how shit i can generally become when tired, its like the brain decided to recoil from all but the most rudimentary functions with quite unjustifiable zeal… like storing up fat or retracting blood from the extremities to keep the core nice and cozy .. quick stop his ability to drive and any other remotely advanced function …. retract retract … no none core functions shall remain in play, save the core …. lest he forget how to maintain basic bodily functions.

There is no justifiable need.

Speaking of which disposable crockery and cutlery – so it doesn’t need washing but in what other way is this an advantageous, i wasn’t on a picnic, there didnt seem any need for bendy resistance averse plastic knives and forks and what was with the paper bowls. The sight of this did not seem promising as i arrived on the ground floor for breakfast.

Breakfast disposable crockery

Despite appearances and in line with appearances the breakfast offering itself.

First the cereal stage and this, it was very much in line with appearances, pieces of unnaturally flavoured pieces of cardboard and plastic, i couldn’t quite work out what it was meant to be flavoured toward but whatever it was, it wasn’t or if by chance this was deliberate then why?

Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Box
The Cereal That There Wasn’t

Then the warm item stage, the despite appearances bit.. I’d never encountered a perfectly round scrambled egg, not almost round perfectly so, a scrambled egg wheel in almost exact same symmetrical proportions to what they were calling sausage but looked a whole lot more like a burger. Perhaps that’s what happened way back when on the boats.. over those first 200 miles of the crossing (and it must have been a long crossing back in the wind puffing power only days) all them Z’s started to sneaking into the words, cookoo z’s .. the decks of those ships must have been strewn with the colourful letters thrown from the comfort of the familiar nests of their family words.

Magnet Letters Colourful

Then on the last leg of the journey food stuff confusion broke out after weeks of sea sickness and diminished supplies of fresh water… This may well not be what happened – after all i rather thought burgers had originated from these parts, so what was it that made this a sausage?

I was surprised to find that something of such high spec symmetry should have such an acceptable taste to it. It was impressive stuff, geometrically speaking – toast, orange juice, an unlimited (within consumable reason) abundance of Tea, a reasonable way to prepare for the day.

Breakfast Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Orange Juice


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