Queen Mary Ship Long Beach

Past Trips – California – First Night [4]

For reasons i cant entirely recall as evening came we choose Long Beach for our first excursion and night in California.

Road California - Driving

We parked up down by the coast, there was a harbor of sorts, lots of little boats. The temperature was comfortable as the sun set to falling, we wondered around and looked about, before heading into town.

Long Beach Boats

Marina Boats Long Beach California

Queen Mary Ship Long Beach

Long Beach Coast

Long Beach Map

The town was awash with activity, it seemed largely to based along a central road that ran up from the coast, though I’m sure had we had more time we’d have found more areas offshoots to the side. Restaurants and bars more than enough to choose from, too many perhaps, tired minds and choices, one is not so conducive to the other.

Long Beach LA

LA Long Beach Tram

Alegria Cocina Latina Long Beach

We wound up at the Alegria Cocina Latina – the dinner was pretty good, though i still had little control or capability going on in my thoughts, fatigue had the better of me and no doubt.


Here we made a mistake, not a significant one but a small one that probably came of being a bit new. The waiter was very friendly, enthusiastic, too much for me but Mitch is always more inclined toward engaging with the people and this was enough to support such instincts.
Everything we asked for was met with a swift, bouncing “y-o-u got(gaht) it” .. “anything i can do for you guys …” “Y-o-u gaht it…”

His expulsions about matters cause Mitch to take him up on his apparent desire to be helpful and ask about the area, about what were the more interesting and more frequented areas? that sort of thing. It swiftly transpired that taking his offers as literal was a mistake, he actually wasn’t from the area, hadn’t much in the way of thoughts or experience which he was able to share. It was perhaps a broad and generalised intention to offer up helpfulness rather then a realised, specific deliverable… like … i wish i could fly right up to the sky … quite right too, who wouldn’t like to do that .. or asking for ‘world peace’ like they do in miss congeniality.. it did sound more like an actual intention in this instance, but you know – early days.. confused, beleaguered mind… who really knew what was going on – Not me.

It was all of little matter anyhow as by the time dinner was done and the duskiness of before was night and neither of us had much regard for undertaking much more than heading back. There was just the smaller matter of bladder discomfort, which was realised belatedly, after the restaurant had been left. Back by the marina and near the car there were public toilets, some locked but not all, which initially seemed quite handy, that was until you entered.. So unpleasant, so very deeply, mightily unpleasant, really no need… NO need at all.

Long Beach Public Toilet Lovliness




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