Things to do in Zurich & If Switzerland did

If Switzerland did right wing isolationist parties they’d probably be the best backward looking, nostalgic fictionalising outsider fearing, political groups in the world

Sadly they almost certainly do
Unfortunately they have taken the ukip naming convention as a guide and named themselves CHIp – there should be chips party and by stereotypical rights it should maybe be in my other ancestral home of Glasgow but no need to be overly demanding.

There isn’t vast amounts happening for me right now in Zurich but come a time of finer weather the opportunities improve.
Lake Zurich is 30km long, it is not wide and a round trip probably means a cycle trip of about 65km or so.
Cycles can be picked up for hire for free with a deposit and an ID throughout the spring and summer from assorted locations, though they do run out of supplies at times.

At the other end is the old looking and much smaller town of Rapperswil. For those not so cycle inclined it connected by train but more interestingly by boat.
The boats use the same tickets as trams, buses and trains.
Admittedly this rather stretches Zurich but still .. On the south side of lake Zurich is alpamare a swimming leisure complex with agencies pool, slides, more slides, outdoor wild river rapids pool, sulphur pool and heated under water music pools and that’s going back the many years since last I got there – it’s a lot better than i make it sound and I’m sure it will only have gotten better, for the young or young of spirit. Maybe not for the older – regardless of inner age but that may be untrue.

Here abouts there is also a youth hostel and up in the hills is hoch ybrig – a little skiing area well within the limited commute circumstance of Zurich, where I learnt to ski, such as k have as a small person and worth a weekends visit.

In summer there are many places to stop off and swim in the lake. Some sun, ice cream and a cool off in the lake, I don’t do it justice.

Returning Zurich itself the Limmat river and its canals offer swimming with currents to overrating locals & random visitors alike.
Overlooking Zurich is Üetliberg, a hill that sometimes gets a white cap in winter and on a good winters day can be sledged down and trained back up – it’s a decent old run down.
In the summer you have the views all around and off Zurich from up there and some wondering around in hilly woodland opportunities.
There are also cycle path and a bmx off road track for adventurous cyclists to head down.

For people with little regard for interesting activities there are the extensive array of high priced brand shops in the city center along with some other genuine shops selling relatively normal stuff at swiss – oh my go is that the exchange rate – prices.

On the north side of the Limmat river in the town centre is the old town area – students and post work collectives congregate here among restaurants, bars, cafe and other assorted places.
The ‘day pass’ for public transport does not cover you past the witching hours – (so for those errant minded enough to choose to remain out when all fair minded, would certainly be home preparing for Tomorrows 6am start, through the medium of sleep) – they will need to pay a supplementary fare. They dont operate to standard day routes and the drivers seem quite unclear on the network being operated themselves, so it’s best to know what number is going your way and from where before hand.