Ecommerce – the way

Ecommerce is not in many ways a thing – it’s certainly not a profession, not like accountants, doctors or scientist. It’s frequented by a myriad of strays from assorted backgrounds, pulled close by its economic gravity.
The golden chicken that can be invested in as an all but certain means that isn’t, to a more profitable future.. placed into the hands of a working nation of chancers, buffoons and self congratulatory discoverers of notions long since realised but now offered up in a shiny new form.

The latter of these seeming to be the better of this accidental potentially lost selection.

The technical ones have a definable skillset probably even credentials – they are the closest thing to the legitimately qualified though far less able than many mechanics they are far better remunerated.
They did not mean to take this path they merely got tired of operating the milkshake dispensers, fancied a change .. Some are actually very good and this is a most ill founded slight upon their person.

Then you have the worst of them – the marketeers … Who because, presumably, a site consists largely of words and pictures, they feel a most ill advised justification in flocking across to an industry in which they are about as well suited as a tuna fish, set to the task of uncovering the next great efficiencies in arable farming.

This is not to say there are no good people in ecommerce, or to profess some great dislike ..  this would not be true.  It is the home to many, not necessarily well suited or well advised to be there, just sort of bumbling through… Not the view you would take if you were to observe the energetic term utterings of their enthusiastic linkedin sermons, with their regular news and updates.  On average within a solid stint, in terms of progress, there are perhaps 2 or 3 significant changes that might occur in a fast moving 5 year stint .. and yet the ticker of ecom news never runs cold

I like to hope that this is not the level of uncertain blind mans buff self assurance that purveys all aspects of human life – medicine, rocket construction and general engineering – carlsburg – if ecom teams built shard like skyscrapers, they’d probably be the most hazardous ‘giant metallic dandelion blown in the wind’ skyscrapers in the world..

I like to hope this as I walk to work in the morning and watch the men in hard hats as vast building work objects swing from cranes and new structures are erected, as I sit on the train chuntering along, during those more operational moments .. Such things are not in question when encountering the almost unnatural science that is the uniformity of the PRET sandwich, though I’m tempted go believe the chicken classic of yesteryear came perhaps with greater amounts of Parmesan flourished upon it.. This may be incorrect .. There are so many times to hope and go be grateful for a certain level and standard to things