Work – Monday’s, the metro and the lost weakend

I spent all weekend working on targets and interesting things like that, to plan the year that almost certainly won’t be.. It would not be unreasonable to question why then?

Today is to be quite a large and defining meeting day for the owning board of my employers and the jungle drums suggest that the message that they may not be about to turn certain aspects around is one finding a receptive audience now.  Those parts which have produced with sterling predictability annual results that’s bore scant resemblance to any target or anything remotely within the sphere of progress..

Yet now I work on a plan for this thing – surrendered my weekend to it, didn’t even get around to watching episode 1 of the last season of the mentalist – a show certainly long past its best but none the less arguably a more productive use of time.  There are however jobs to consider and I wanted to understand for myself to what extent thugs might be possible to be improved… The suppliers were meant to some back with their targets and plans.. Some sort of did but once again the ppc agency dos not – we took them on late last year, fwd3d and it’s hard to say whether they’ve been able to do a single thing right or even well.  They are – words escape me – they’re nice guys, seem to work hard enough but I really don’t have the words.  I didn’t bring them in, normally it would be easy to castigate that action but I did back their appointment in a precious job and now I’m left to wonder on how magically their sales people weave their golden shimmering web.

So that was my weekend there – first realising how useless they had been, then that they had no clue how to remedy it then attempting to do their work for them … They need to go … Though this may not be the time with everything that’s going on, I need to sit on my firing finger for now … But I don’t want to, oh no I didn’t have a weekend and I really want to ..

When finally I stopped working on the quarterly targets and plans to support them they were not done but it was quite late and what was done was better of being sent.  The invention of lying was back on itv2 – it’s on their a lot – one of their favorite evening movies that’s on more often than die hard used to be back in the late 90s early 00s.

i always start watching it as well – Not one for watching DVDs more than once some films when on the TV seem to be excluded from this – the invention of lying is such a film.  It was though already 1am and aside from wanting an hour of weekend to myself the thought of tomorrow morning absent sleep dogged me.

Why in films and on the TV do people read to people and why when they do that do they muster all of a couple of lines, not even close to a whole paragraph before calmly and slowly closing the book in a all together rather final way.. also they visit people, share one not particularly pressing thought and within minutes leaves again .. whenever i was participating in a visit it rarely passed off so swiftly and involved a considerable higher level of sitting, mental wanderings and time effecting hour treacle particles accosting all the ways of the world?

Indeed I have woken sleepy and in an unforgiving disposition that makes all but the practical voice want to walk up to Camden right now and dispatch that agency for a long walk into the desert, the level of fecklessness than can be bought for these generous agency fees is most generous. Though I’m hard pressed to come up with a none natural monopoly service provider or even oligopoly quite as incapable of doing what they, theoretically at least, exist to do, as this lot.. At least the development agency are fighting code first penned by those two chimps looking to pass the time on the good ship Noah.

Video most handily after the fact removed – no notion as to what this was meant to be …

.. non-contextually relevant stand out filler ..

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