Monday is over like the . .. Other days invariably are also .. Black bird has (mumbling bit) like the first bird …

The sleepiness with which the day commenced was not soon dispersed, around 1ish had myself a twin teabag effort and that provided a modicum of bounce for a couple of hours, it did not taste good.

job advert sheet
Offering via email from a team member

I suggested meeting up with a friend after work sometime this week and was suprised that today numbered among the two days they came back to suggest.. Today – a day of fogged up mental vacancy and bewilderment in which, for most of it I was all over the place. It was a bit of a relief when, having summoned sufficient thought to finally key in a response they then opted for the other of these days .. I would be quite the company – ever the erudite wordsmith and social raconteur this may well have been my finest hour.

It had its upside unperturbed or bothered by any of the events which unfolded, not that it was a day littered by bothersome occurrences.. The benefits of sleepwalking are maybe not circulated well enough.

The board meeting wasn’t – they had it while we were all out of the office last week & no one opted to convey that change of plan. On the plus side I know I did everything I could with the information available to me, so there is that & soon I will be off this train and able to take up a well practiced reasting stance upon the settee. That or I will wake up in Cambridge – the heater by my left leg is almost effective pumper of hot air and I will either sweat myself lighter or be coaxed into a premature nap.. Still I do like cambridge and it’s been a time since I made an inadvertent improtue visit there… The glory days of parliamentary bars and the beverages there in – the commuters hazard if you don’t live at the termination point.