Mayrhofen – Ski day 2 – Skiing Zell am Ziller (BMW Mountains Race Feature)

Zell Am Ziller Piste Map Skiing
Piste Map – Zell Am Ziller

We had agreed to head a little down the valley by train and ski in the Zell am Ziller area on the second day. I breakfasted alone, Damon skiing more locally and with a later ski school start. It wasn’t lost on me that the same amount of breakfast materialised for my solo visit as had been provided to the table yesterday when we’d started the day together.

Due to the late nature of yesterdays return to the hotel the skis, boots and polls hadn’t found their way into the by then locked cellar, which was set aside for them. There was also a sign downstairs about such matters, which i now noticed, reminding those who pass it of the store cellar and the desire that we all use it and not our rooms. I’d missed that, not the choices seemed too great in the night hours.

Zillertal Bahn
Zillertal Bahn

Everyone was there as we headed off on the train, a comfortable and generally pleasant way to travel. The arriving station was not by any ski lifts and instead a ski but awaited the trains arrival. This was fine but can not justifiably described as either comfortable nor generally pleasant.. it was progress, it wasn’t the tube in peak hours and it was destined for the ski lift, hug the skis, try not to wobble about too much and a little bit later we arrived.

The whole area has been sponsored or supported by something to do with BMW – & – today with the visibility quite a bit improved the first example of this appeared. There were race tracks laid out, normally the preserve of ski schools or official race day participants this was for everyone, we floated past it upon our chairlift, a hut, poles and a little queue of people waiting their turn all quite enticing. I went second last in the group, awash with reticence, uncertainty and a most tentative approach that was reflected in the time it flashed up at me at the end.
The day had barely gotten started and the others were after a coffee break.. in some ways not ideal, in other ways we were unlikely to do another round of this piste, while generally poor skiing remained in evidence this microcosm of a particular example drew all too much of a highlight. So while they took their break i head back round once more.

There is an APP to go with a website hub – – which large posters made clear, you can see your run and time, it would all be videoed from somewhere .. Quite novel and impressive adoption of digital technology.
Second time was better, no doubt – there was a timer – you’d kinda expect that, once you have the measure of what parts needed more attention and which less it makes rather a beneficial difference … but avoiding errors was still being disadvantageously prioritised.

BMW Mountains Start Gate
Not me 1
BMW Race Moutain
Not Me 2 – Generic BMW offering – There’s A Trend Here
BMW Mountain Racer
Not Me 3 – Gender and Ability Level Differences