Intermission – please hold nothing to see here

I should be writing up my  ski day 2 notes I guess but instead – dudley or there abouts

The drive up being appreciatively uneventful and the office full of meaningful conversational offerings around such things as penguin appreciation / awareness day – one of the two .. Time does not allow for ski holiday note write ups, as in need as the world so is for poorly focused, tangible information light, Austrian skiing notes … Instead an evening in Dudley before a day of meetings or rather meeting – tomorrow… Meanwhile at the bates motel – copthorne hotel Liverpool managed not to shame themselves in the league cup … Mighty might Liverpool – well once – against Chelsea that old foe of champions league game – and a thoroughly entertaining game, ending 1-1 with a second leg at Stamford bridge making a Liverpool favouring outcome somewhat unlikely.

Still the definition of success have required a degree of movement in and around the rogers era & so for now not shaming ourselves against the opposition rather than against history is that level – it was an enthralling game for both teams endeavor.

Tomorrow I am meant to reach some agreement to achieve what appears to onlookers, such as myself to be the nye on impossible… The agreement is with our ecommerce supplier on how to to resurrect something from the ruinness wreck forged from years of neglect & haste..

Some things simply don’t want to – they are the pigs that want to be eaten and won’t be brought to any other terms – & if nothing else is true then it is a pig..

the day had little remarkable to it aside from it unfulfilled threat of snow and a football game- time absorbing enough to prevent further notes being offered up