Mayrhofen Piste Map

Mayrhofen – a holiday: the getting to Gatwick bit [2015 ]

Suitcase rucksack pile at train station
A little pile of luggage at the local station – & with that do holidays commence
St Pancras Eurostar departures
Eurostar – departures from St Pancras – wonder if the snow train to Austia still runs ?
Out of focus Christmas tree bit St Pancras
What makes something art – the care of selection, the steady hand, the use of the light or is it the deeper meaning – and this
Blackfriars tower bridge shard view
Low lying clouds – Thameslink view of tower bridge & the shard – picturesk
Thameslink slow bored baggage
The Thameslink through London – quite possibly the slowest moving rail service in the world – unleash reticent tram speed ..
Reticent tram speed engaged, but I don’t know how long she’ll hold together
Gatwick North terminal
One of the not Heathrow London airports

There is little to add to this sequence of time filling fine uses of phone memory – I was not in Gatwick and now I am .. Sitting in departures while from over head an occasional vocal warning to some fellow occupier of this space that were they to persist with not being on their plane then their luggage will be ejected and they will be remaining not on their flight for quite some time.

It’s basically a shopping center with an exaggerated food court & potential an above average assortment of thing you didn’t know you wanted and almost certainly don’t need.. Apart from that cheese sandwich just now (from a PRET) – way to trump T2 there old North terminal..

No need to spend any more time within it than absolutely required by the departure time – a 60s style shopping center at that… only done up a bit, too include more bright White surfaces but retaining that core design principle of yesteryear – all natural light strictly banned …every means available taken to enforce this .. I could though win a super car, 1 day 10 hours, 36 minutes and an impossible to note accurately ever shifting number of seconds until the next winner ..

While this is very much a tourist airport I’m pretty sure this is the same terminal that I left from when heading to Australia some years ago – bit further than Innsbruck – doesn’t seem like the kind of place a person sets of on such journey’s from… Not sure what that should look like or why – just something not quite like this.

There is a delay 30 mins – that’s good really for Gatwick = delay, charter flight = delay .. So it’s a potentially powerful combo, at 30mins it still seriously punching below its weight – grateful, long may it last – mind-you a person could get quite attached to the White tile floor with its occasional outbreak of brown squares. or carried away while going to inspect the out of date overpriced electrical goods being offered up at Dixons on this day – perhaps I could bring a tent next time, pitch up somewhere behind the garfunkles that I remember being around here somewhere (Remembered courtesy of some unusual stomach cramps that dinning there coincidentally preceded one of the last times I visited) .. go all Tom Hanks native on them.