Skiing 2015 – No full fat work, least not just yet

2.5 + .5 days of work – amply filled with naught in particular ..

It’s a skill I acquired while occupying a none job at the BBC – 1 year 9 months in a job that was rendered unnecessary by budge try and strategic constraints that came in only months after i started..
I found things to do but in between such times skill were developed., trips to the kitchen areas for tea could be stretched out to include a round trip of the whole floor, football articles could be found and read at a certain pace & generally a haze could be summoned down that saw time lost within.
I don’t need to do that in my current role, frenetic sideways motion and all that but an empty office & sense that for any number of reasons this wasn’t any time to be starting something, this meant delving into that particular skill set.

Probably at my most active work wise when at home on an actual day off – because stuff as it had a way of doing went and went wrong.. The jungle drums of email were getting up quite a pace as chickens cast their wings aloft a set to running, running & flapping, some going left and others right until then those going left headed back right while those going right headed back left .. It’s hard to fathom which were doing it of concern for the events & which doing it out of concern that they look concerned about events. Me I was probably moderately in both camps & moderately in neither… The pointlessness of exhausting such energies and a general chaos drunkenness, diminished any genuine urgency on my part, yet I have a duty to intercede, to try & set a course and I can do without my weariness with these chaos junkies becoming to patently obvious… Need to try to keep a modicum of purpose and perseverance about me – there with you people – no idea why we’ve come here but hell, sure, why not, I’m here with you ..

I suppose its a kind of work, I can see that other generations might question that.. Other people are processing orders, other people are picking & packing, still other people are writing code and investigating problems.. All the tangible activities are done by others, I am at best a junction box, trying to keep people’s energies focused on where they’re needed and encouraging them to produce what someone else might need.. In short writing & sending emails, occasionally making calls.

When there’s something wrong in your neighborhood who you gunna call

But now I’m off – it’s holiday time – time to put curmudgitising things aside..