Heading home (sort of) for Christmas 1

As work came to a close with another last minute effort stumbling to an incomplete pause … I left for Piccadilly and on to Heathrow.  Arriving as the Heathrow branch pulled out, the next one went to Reynars lane but the one after that was again going my way .. Not so bad ..

The next tube pulled in, I got on and was surprised to find myself with a seat – then if left.. At which point I wondered quite why I was on this one, going as if was to the wrong place  & knowing as I did that only moments before if been quite clear on this … Powerful attention span – mind elsewhere.. Studying the route I reminded myself of where the routes diverged, where I would need to alight the train .. A word that makes no sense in either it’s correctly or incorrectly spelt form … I’m just getting off, disembarking, leaving, getting aght – anyway of course it’s acton .. Should know that – liver there long enough back in the day .

I flew from terminal 2 again – in my head it’s only it’s only just reopened & heres me getting cordially invited for a second time.

Arriving up from the underground everything’s the same as it ever was, no sign of the changes above .. All the same corridors & feel as ever there was .

I think I love Heathrow

Perhaps not a sentiment many might feel moved to offer .. Particularly terminal 2 with its low hanging ceilings, accidental and reworked layout, ramshackle ways and row upon row of green dusty seat/benches adorning it’s departure lounge but I’ve missed it .. It means good things to me .. All these thing are of course no longer in evidence in the new T2 but it comes from a time before, dating back to when things were less diligently deconstructed and assessed.

So perhaps I can not be certain as to the veracity of that initial statement but in terms of emotive responsive to none sentient, none living entities Heathrow and particularly T2 is up there.

I came here once while working for hertz, for a netting in there offices with a supplier who was flying in – it was a windy day, stormy and they were late.  The offices sit on top of the vehicle pickup and set down area and it was all I could do to not simple peer out of the window at the runway that ran what seemed like only tens of meters from its side.  All the big ones going to far flung places, anywhere almost could lie at the other end of that flight.  Better than an aquarium, happy and sort of content aside from the feeling I should really like to be aboard… I’m a danger to myself and other road users whenever approaching that m4 junction on the m25 so bewitched am I, each time I come to pass this place with its thunderous and regular departures tucking their wheels in as they set off – really quite the distraction despite any number of voices advising as to the none unique nature of this sighting and the need to retain a certain level of decorum and attention to matters at hand.

Suppliers may scarcely have encountered me in a more wistful and amiable manner .. It was not a monotone meeting im sure and I’m sure I made whatever look I was there to make but in truth I remember little of it aside from the runway, the thundering jumbos still somehow about and all the other less distinctive planes – all of then heading of for somewhere.. Something far, distant, interesting – at least for a time