Skiing in 2015

After a year of bowing that I was to abstain from the group ski holidays in 2015, a line diligently and resolutely maintained … I succumbed at the last.

The organiser & chief of such trips, a civil service lawyer-persistent, duplicitous, devious, smart and in no small way a bit of an unusual character had turned me round..

Welcome the affirmation that that happens – question if it was sound judgement…

Not least, I’m told (and I myself suspect) it’s a dangerous president to be allowing to be set. This is after all the same chap I have observed observing his acquaintances as they squabble over a scenario entirely ( & one can only suspect quite deliberately) of his making…

Still there’s something about this one that’s hard not to respect .. Very bright .. To trust would be foolhardy but .. Well he’s more like a bored mind seeking entertainment (and one must not allow oneself to become a subject) .. The intent seems little more than that.. I think in this areana & probably others, he holds no small advantage over me – I may be inclined to study but lack the will or means for practical experimentations .. It’s not a forum for me to stand toe to toe in … While I am a naturalist studying behaviours in their habitat – he is a scientist setting environments to elicit behaviours .. But I like him, his bored mind and thoughtful intellect along with, at times, something amusingly and kindly human, they intrigue me.. It’s interesting

Anyway he got me, this man with many names (depending on how and when you came to know him) .. After all the cost was low and my primary objection had been there were better way to spend the money when the holidays in recent years had not been great. What do you do when a lawyer takes away the central pillar of your argument ..

But now work is wearisome as I may have mentioned, the holiday is actually not expensive and judging by the losses my employer sustained this year, work at any rate may soon be coming to a premature end.. When compared to sitting at home, commuting to work and waiting for an axe to fall a trip to Austria away from all this sounds pretty good.. Why not?

Staying at home and working has one thing and little more to recommend it – fund raising … Though I mean no ill to staying at home in that ..
To think I used to really like working – I was told it was odd at the time – guess that was right ..

Apparently though there is no snow – Switzerland used to be white in the low lying farm villages where I first failed to ski .. Vast thick cold snow – no more – it’s not so long ago it really isn’t … Now one must seek it out and hunt it high